Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sword Skins Collection Pt. 1

I sorely miss Darzil's Crafting Guide. Most players at the time went there to see armor skins, usually in full sets, but some went there for weapons. (Using weapons cosmetically back then was strictly for RP purposes.) You could find anything crafted or bartered there up to level 65. By the time Isengard had been released, somewhere around 2012, the person running Darzil's had decided to step down. He had informed the community of his decision and offered to keep the site running, so long as someone else was willing to come forward and actively work on the site. Darzil's remained active for another three years, closing in 2015 because the people who expressed a desire to take over performed no work whatsoever.

It was a significant loss suffered by the cosmetic and crafting community. At the time, the loss of armor visuals were felt far more keenly than the weapons. Several months later, in late 2015/early 2016, cosmetic weapon overlays were introduced, adding salt to the proverbial wound. Myndariel, bless her soul, has been gradually working on a visual crafting guide over the past couple of years. It's still far from finished, but it's the closest the community has gotten to Darzil's.

I will try to do my best. Just like with the staves I recently shared, I'll show you my collection of swords and where I found them, along with other places they appear. Here's the first part!

And as usual, if you know of another weapon shares the same skin and isn't listed below, let me know!

 Amdillang - Unobtainable. Dropped from the Warden in Dungeons of Dol Guldur before the scaling update.
Wyrm Fang - Unobtainable. Grisgart in the Helegrod Drake Wing dropped this only when the caps were 65 and 75.
Blade of Unity -- Reward from the Epic quest 2.7.3

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Anórien Honor-guard

Running my High Elf Captain through Gondor Epic quests for trait points has allowed me to collect some exclusive cosmetic rewards I've foregone on previous alts. Volume 4 Book 4 offers some skins you can't get anywhere else for light, medium, and heavy armor classes. Originally, I thought the Epic rewards would share the same armor skins offered by the reputation vendors on the main level of Minas Tirith. It turned out that their appearances were quite different. Part of me wishes I could endure the reputation grind. The rest of me tells me not to bother. Why? Whenever I've been in that city, I've crashed to the desktop every ten or so minutes. I've only completed the main story on my alts and nothing else.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Whispers of Yávië

Shortly after the Abyss of Mordath released, I decided to pick up my long retired Hunter. For four years, he'd been sitting at level 85, having never crossed the Entwade and into the Westemnet. When the class trait trees first dropped and the time consuming Epic Battles were the only way to obtain top tier jewellery, I was forced to heavily cut back on the number of active alts. Unfortunately, after those four years, I'd forgotten how to play my inactive classes. I was having a terrible time with my Hunter, which had been fundamentally altered by those trees, and decided it'd be easier to roll a new one. The class just wasn't what I remembered it to be.

Anyway, having made a new alt means (and you probably guessed it) having seven new outfit setups. I may or may not have filled all seven before I started Ered Luin quests!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lore-master's Staff Skin Collection Pt. 2

It brings me great joy to say that the LOTRO community has been absolutely wonderful this past week. It hadn't been my intent to post the second half of my staff collection, but with all the information regarding skins and weapon names coming at me over Twitter, Facebook, my blog's e-mail, and game chat, I figured uploading this sooner than later would be a good thing to do.

Without further ado, I present to you another assortment of staff skins!

Areneth's Staff - Reward from the quest The Keeper Garthamendir 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lore-master's Staff Skin Collection Pt. 1

As cosmetic weapons have appearing with increasing frequency on this blog, I thought it's time I started sharing the skins I've collected. Having played LOTRO for almost eight years now, I've assembled quite the library. For this entry, I've chosen staves. Unlike other weapons, like swords, axes, bows, and daggers, which are shared among multiple classes, staves are exclusive to Lore-masters. I've found many of them to be wonderfully designed! Most can be crafted. Some can be bartered. As for the rest? You may have guessed it...lots and lots of landscape and instance grinding.

Some of these staves pictured below can come from several sources. I don't remember the exact locations, but I can give you a general idea on the landscape drops based upon their level. If you know of other methods to obtaining these skins, please let me know in the comments below.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide...just a taste of what LOTRO has offered over the years!

 Amarthis - Reward from the level 30 Lore-master class quest, A Lore-master's Will
Bregmor's Bane - Reward from the Epic quest 1.14.12

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