Saturday, March 21, 2020

Silent Knife

Love that Burglar-exclusive dagger throwing action! Been a while since I've shared a combat screenshot...
I have little time nowadays for my low level alts, as Minas Morgul dailies consume most of my gaming time a night. Every so often, I take a break and work on my baby Stout-axe Burglar. In the past three months, I've put approximately twenty levels of work into her. The Burglar isn't exactly my cup of tea, but it gives me a chance to learn the class and appreciate some of the things it can do. Stealthing my way through densely populated encampments is always a blast. And so isn't flinging knives with deadeye accuracy! But that's just a bonus for me. The real treat is having another alt, which means I have eight more outfits to create! And with that, this particular appearance gives dwarves some love!

In my wardrobe is a decently sized stockpile of cosmetics earned from my questing, bartering, and dungeoning when Ered Mithrin and the Iron Hills were LOTRO's endgame zones. Those cosmetic skins are perfect for any dwarf character, in terms of design and how they sit on the body. I still experiment with them, seeing if I can create anything worthwhile and I discovered I hadn't put one of the light chestpieces to use, the Reinforced Soothing Waistcoat of the Adventurer. As this dwarf can't travel very far in LOTRO, I use ItemTreasury so supplement my wardrobe. In the end, I chose boot and glove skins from Dunland to complete the look. It's a rugged appearance that ties together the dwarven fashion and the noiseless, flexible attire fitting of the stealthy Burglar class. And, of course, that Fur Mantle is a perfect fit for any dwarf!

Originally, I was intending to use some wonderful gloves and boots from the Grey Mountain Stalwart sets, which I saw ItemTreasury's Cosmetic Hand section. They do make a delightful pairing with the waistcoat. I hadn't collected them yet, as my figments are always being spent on something! I make my way to the Adventurer's Quartermaster in Skarhald and it seems those gloves and boots can't be acquired currently. What I didn't know is that all of the figment cosmetics had been pulled from the Skarhald Adventurer's Quartermaster (a non-seasonal vendor) and transferred to the Curator NPC sometime in March 2019. It made me livid and simply thinking about it still does. But what can I do about it? That Curator NPC should be year-round that way figments can be freely spent.

Speaking of which, SSG will be bringing back the Curator on March 26th as noted in this very generous announcement from Standing Stone Games!

Shouders: Fur Mantle (Umber, Yule Festival token barter reward)
Back: Light Cloak of the Grey Mountain Stalwart (Walnut Brown, Curator NPC)
Chest: Reinforced Soothing Waistcoat of the Adventurer (Ashenslades green, reward from the Coffer of Adventurer's Armour - Light bartered from the Adventurer's Quartermaster)**
Hands: Hill-man's Cracked Leather Gauntlets (Ashenslades green, reward from the quest Throw the Yoke)***
Feet: Dunbog Watcher's Studded Boots (Ashenslades green, reward from the quest Back to Lhan Rhos)***

Main hand/Off-hand: Fimreg's Dirk (Reward from the quest Further Upstream)

**There is an Iron Hills quest called Infiltrating Er Shamol that rewards the same chest skin. It's a great alternative to handing over those precious endgame Embers of Enchantment.
***As always, Dunland gear skins can be obtained from multiple quests. Check the RoI Cosmetics guide created by the LOTRO Stylist if the listed quests have been completed.

Saturday, March 7, 2020


Many of my readers have noticed over the years how bright, colorful, and cheerful my outfits have been. I've always liked bold and brilliant purples, blues, greens, and reds. In fact, that's become a defining characteristic of Material Middle-earth. Unfortunately, that hasn't sat well with a multitude of readers. I've been getting messages complimenting me on what content is shared, but also requesting more natural and adventure-worthy outfits. I've also gotten a few rude messages that I will not repeat here. One went as far as to say I've made "outfits worthy of a carnival or circus." Of course, there have been other more modest reactions between those examples. And then there's the general pattern of comments on the official LOTRO forums' outfit thread.

I greatly appreciate my followers, both old and new. I always have and I always will. I've taken my incoming messages seriously, even if I've never gotten a response to my reply (and I have my suspicions about that...*coughjunkmailcough*). And I've also taken feedback and other criticisms to heart as well.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Elite Rider

I apologize for the absence. Most of January and the first week of February weren't kind to me. Having the flu, combined with a case of the stomach flu, left me hospitalized briefly and unable to do very much. Recovery has been slow, but my health has returned to normal. And I'm grateful for that. However, this means I've fallen behind in many aspects of my life, especially this blog. I've run out of scheduled outfits and have had little time for LOTRO. And despite the constant distractions and scramble to catch up, I found time to log into LOTRO and collect the new VIP cosmetic set, the Armour of the Elite Rider. These cosmetics are available to any player on any server so long as he/she is VIP and logs into the game by March 12, 2020.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Penchant for Plum

I loved Minas Morgul. Definitely one of my favorite expansions to have graced LOTRO these past twelve years. Between Mordor Besieged and the Morgul Vale, the story was amazing and the landscape design phenomenal. However, the Vale itself was one of the darkest regions added to the game. My Rune-keeper, known for wearing dark or earthen-toned clothing, was blending into the landscape. It was difficult to play while traveling through light underbrush or while moving against the ethereal glow of the citadel's high stone walls. Sometimes, I didn't know where I was unless I was flinging lightning in some unsuspecting warg's face or roasting spiders in the web-covered Taurlingol. To fix the problem, I took some unusual measures and dived into my dwindling supply of shire plum, which I'll have to replenish next Spring.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Winter's Wings

Another year has come and gone in LOTRO. The Yule Festival's here (running from December 12, 2019 to Janurary 8, 2020) and it's a time of year marked by mirth and warmth, celebration, charitable acts, and the comfort of friends and family. Keep an eye on global channels, the forums, and social media for special seasonal events! Secret Santas and kinship parties are very popular through New Years. This is when I temporarily slow down with Material Middle-earth, as there are a variety of events to enjoy!

With the start of Yule Festival, I also break out the cold weather outfits. This latest appearance uses two of the Ice Flower skins, available at Frostbluff for the first time. They're a delightful reskin, and a more universal one in my opinion, of the Fall Festival's Autumn Traveller cosmetics. With a larger variety of color, they boast a greater flexibility and are easier to mix with other sets. And this year, I made another warm and feathered appearance suited to adventuring in inclement and often snowy regions, drawing on skins from various regions of Middle-earth.

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