Monday, September 1, 2014

Farmers Faire 2014 - Steed and Cosmetics

This year, the 2014 Farmers Faire runs from September 1 to September 16. Once again, we have another unremarkable and reskinned robe and cloak in addition to another blanketed steed. It continues to irk me seeing a lack of creativity in Turbine's art department, especially when there is a year-long period between the appropriate seasonal festivals (from summer to summer or spring to spring, for example) to conceptualize and implement original game art. We've been seeing the same robe skin for well over a year now, and I frankly question if we'll ever move out of this cycle and break the cosmetic curse plaguing the LOTRO festivals. I understand that game progression towards Mordor is paramount, but it doesn't mean the aspects intended to provide players a temporary reprieve shouldn't be given the same care and consideration.

Despite my disappointment, what's done is done. Perhaps Turbine should let the players design new festival cosmetics from this time forward.

Anyway, beneath this small wall of angsty text are pictures of the new rewards. To the right of each individual cosmetic is a version dyed black to demonstrate where colors change with dye application. Beneath each picture is the name and barter cost of the respective piece.

Robe of Bounty - 35 Farmers Faire Tokens

Cloak of Bounty and the Hooded Cloak of Bounty - 35 Farmers Faire Tokens each

Steed of Bounty and the Caparison of Bounty - 120 Farmers Faire Tokens each

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Eorlsmead Marksman - Emeridir of Gladden

When I was deeding on my hunter some several months ago, I felt inspired by the landscape existing between Stangard in the Eorlsmead and Haldirith in Thinglad to make a suitable outfit. The area is rich in earthen tones and shades of grey while maintaining a somewhat simplistic atmosphere. It's been at least a year, perhaps two, since I completed any quests out here and I had forgotten how beautiful it was. In recent weeks, I returned to take pictures of this outfit, which I hope caught the feel of the Great River zone.

The central piece to this outfit, the Potent Battle Armor of the Mark, was sitting in my storage for at least six months. I recall becoming frustrated several times working with this chest piece because of the inherent clipping in the shoulder, hand, foot regions. There's something about it that differed from many of the hauberk and tunic-like pieces found in the game. It's not quite skin-tight. It took time to find combinations of gear bulkier than the chest to circumvent ninety five percent of the clipping, and even then it was only minimally visible in both the underarms and back of the boots. I don;t know why, but this aspect of clothing is endemic to the Eastfold tier of crafting.

I can't believe that it's the end of August already. This means I've somehow managed to keep up the weekly pace of outfits for an entire year without burning myself out. Go me! With so many friends and kinship members leaving LOTRO shortly after Helm's Deep release, I haven't had to face the predicament of balancing dungeon grinding for gear, leveling alts, and outfitting simultaneously. I've been able to move through the game at my own pace and enjoying it, right up to Western Gondor. Despite the inherent loneliness, not having the stress of playing has definitely made this hobby easier to pursue.

See you next week with a new outfit!

Shoulders: Ceremonial Spear-shaker's Shoulders (Walnut brown, skirm camp cosmetics vendor--Helegrod medium armor)
Chest: Potent Battle Armor of the Mark (Umber, T8 Tailor recipe)
Hands: Ceremonial Spear-shaker's Gauntlets (Walnut brown, skirm camp cosmetics vendor--Helegrod medium armor)
Feet: Disused Boots of the Dunland Soothsayer (Umber, Dunland quest reward)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Secret Melody - Nathrien of Gladden

This particular ensemble has been sitting in Outfit 7 since the Isengard instance cluster was released in 2011. I don't know why I never posted this and neither do I know why I let this use up valuable outfitting space for an extended period of time. Either way, I needed to rotate it out of my wardrobe and get this robe combination preserved on my blog. Makaia from Style of Middle-earth (stop by and say hello to her!) had gotten a sneak peak of this before it disappeared into the recesses of my cosmetic vault. Sometimes, I wish there had been an eighth outfit option...or the thirty-nine RIFT has! I had grown reattached to this for the short time I was actively using it.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Flower Girl - Pennycandy of Gladden

My hobbit mintrel is a character I have no intention of leveling. I had created her for one reason originally--Turning of the Tide's own Hobbits to Isengard event, which I held back in September 2013, long before Sapience held it for each server. To tell the truth, Forgotten Darkness of Gladden was the first community, that I know of, to run that event in early 2012. Community events or not, I decided to keep little level 8 Pennycandy and use her as an additional model. So far, she's provided me with a significant amount of practice in clothing hobbits casually. I highly doubt I'll have any battle-ready outfits for that race.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nomadic Easterling - Aerthain of Gladden

Ah, my next steel blue creation. Unlike my last attempt, Midnight Magic, the blueish properties of the dye are more noticeable. The more I've been experimenting with the color, the more I've come to the conclusion steel blue is best used on place, chain mail, or scale mail. Not to stereotype the dye, but eighty percent of the cloth and leather skins look too metallic. If you've got a muted or darker base on light armor, you'll have a bluer shade.

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