Saturday, January 19, 2019

Ward of the Mountains

As this was my second dwarf outfit, I thought I'd just dive in, not put too much thought into what pieces I would use, and follow my fashionable instincts. What resulted was a heavily armored dwarf  that was also armed to the teeth (lots of pointy weapons, too). The outfit itself does feel a bit cumbersome, but it works. The only thing I'm not particularly fond of is the hauberk-style heavy chest piece, the Reinforced Chestplate of the Adventurer. I'm not quite sure if it was that only the top half was plated or how flat and curveless it appears when donned by a stocky dwarf. Then again, I've been getting used to dwarven body structure these past couple months and the U23 skins have made it easier.

I must say that the new skins have amazed me. The statted skins within each armor class looked very similar to each other (heavy quest rewards versus heavy crafted gear, for example) except for a few subtle differences in texture and ornamentation. That's something I've decided to explore with future outfits. There's also the cosmetic clothing found through the token and ember vendors, I'll be sharing some of those too through outfits already scheduled. At this point, I've collected most of them thanks to the stockpile of Sturdy Black Keys earned from Mordor dailies pre-U23, either though the embers awarded by the lockboxes or the lockboxes themselves.

It's also ironic that my dwarf is too underleveld to visit Ered Mithrin or the Iron Hills, even by Mithril Coin. I would have loved to use those zones as screenshot locations. Instead, settled for other locations in Middle-earth that have approximated the new zones' atmosphere.

And by the way, the depths of my insanity can't be measured. I actually leveled a fresh Guardian to 30 just to get the shield featured here. Rodamath was exclusive to the Guardian class quests. And I only pursued it for it's design, which fits perfectly with the other outfit pieces. I swear I haven't gone crazy...not yet, anyway!

Head: Reinforced Helm of Stonehelm (Steel blue, Grey Mountains instance cluster)**
Shoulders: Enduring Pauldrons of Stonehelm (Steel blue, Grey Mountains instance cluster)**
Back: Perfected Heavy Cloak of Stonehelm (Steel blue, bartered from the Dwarf-hold Rewards Quartermaster in Skarhald)
Chest: Reinforced Chestplate of the Adventurer (Steel blue, contained in the Adventurer's Quartermaster heavy armor coffer for embers)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Grey Mountain Stalwart (Steel blue, bartered from the Adventurer's Quartermaster in Skarhald for figments)***
Feet: Reinforced Sabatons of Stonehelm (Steel blue, bartered from the Dwarf-hold Rewards Quartermaster in Skarhald)**

Main-hand: Axe of the Khazad-dum Vaults (appears periodically in the LOTRO Store)
Shield: Rodamath (Reward from the level 30 Guardian class quest, A Guardian's Duty
Ranged: Ornate Lebethron Bow of Speed (T4 Woodworker recipe)

**These also share skins with their Ironfold crafted counterparts. The Helm of Stonehelm, Pauldrons of Stonehelm, and Sabatons of Stonehelm recipes, respectively.
***These gloves frequently also drop from the Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootboxes

Friday, January 11, 2019

2018 Yule Outfit Contest Winners

After seventy two submissions, nearly three weeks, a fair voting process, and some discussion, the outfit blogs of Material Middle-earth, Cosmetic LOTRO, and Wandering Around Arda are proud to finally present the winners of the 2018 Yule Outfit Contest!

As a reminder, each entry was carefully examined against the following criteria:

  • Representative of the Yule spirit or Wintry ambiance.
  • Originality of the overall design.
  • Integration of the various pieces used.
  • Blending of dye colors.
  • Overall impression and quality of the screenshot.

Although it wasn't easy, judging these submissions was truly an honor. All of the outfits we received were beautiful. Lots of care, passion, and enthusiasm went into each and every one. Just from effort alone, I wish it were possible to award everybody a prize. Unfortunately, we could only pick three winners. Before I make the official announcement, I invite everyone to view all of our entries via this Flickr album. Player names are attached to each image.

Without further ado, congratulations to our three fashionistas below!


First Place: 1550 LOTRO Points

Holfi of Laurelin

Head: Wintry Yule Cap (Crimson, random reward from the Sack of Presents during the Yule Festival)
Shoulders: Fur Mantle (Default, Yule Festival barter reward)
Back: Sage's Pack (White, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Ale Association Robe (Crimson, Ale Association reputation barter reward)
Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves (Red, reward from Gain and Glory: Assist the Rich)
Feet: Ceremonial Ajokoira Shoes (Red, Lossoth Tailor reputation recipe)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Tempered and Sagacious

Material Middle-earth returns this week with another PvMP-centric appearance. Unlike December's Garrison Commander outfit, this one can be acquired, in full, without entering the Moors, but requires mithril coins to purchase. Normally, I don't post outfits that rely so heavily on real money (or ungodly luck from Hobbit Presents), but this something I love sporting on my Lore-master. And it feeds my shameless and often unsatiated love for the color purple.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

On Winter's Wings

This year's Yule Festival has been eagerly anticipated and welcomed with equal joy. Of all LOTRO's festivals, this is my absolute favorite. There's a large variety in the cosmetics offered (robes, cloaks, tunics, and dresses) through quests and vendors, as well as a multitude of titles, steeds, and a beautifully designed Yule portrait frame. Of course, I can't neglect mentioning the gorgeous belegaer blue dye! If you haven't seen the latest rewards, other than the robe pictured in this blog entry, I'd suggest checking out Wandering Around Arda's preview. If you're like me and have had little time to spare for LOTRO this holiday season, this link may help you make some time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Yule Outfit Contest 2018

Hymne from Cosmetic Lotro, Nathrien from Material Middle-earth, and Gloredh from Wandering Around Arda are honored and excited to announce aYule Outfit Contest! We humbly ask all of our enthusiastic outfitters to embrace their creativity this season and design fantastic Yule or Winter themed outfits for wonderful prizes!


First prize: 1550 LOTRO Points
Second prize: Perlino steed (account wide code)
Third prize: Hauberk of the Mithril Guard (account wide code)


We'll select the winning entries based on the following criteria:
  • Representative of the Yule spirit or Wintry ambiance.
  • Originality of the overall design.
  • Integration of the various pieces used.
  • Blending of dye colors.
  • Overall impression and quality of the screenshot.

How to enter the contest:
  • The contest begins on Wednesday December 19th, 2018. Entries may be submitted until midnight Eastern Standard Time on Sunday January 6th, 2019.
  • To enter the Yule Outfit Contest, send your entry to with the subject line “Yule Outfit Contest”.
  • An entry consists of ONE screenshot. The image may be cropped but should be at least 800px wide.
  • You may enter a maximum of three screenshots, but each entry must be sent in a separate email.
  • Your entry must include the following information: the name, class and level of the character in the screenshots, the server the character resides on, all armor and outfit pieces used in the screenshots and their respective dye colors.

Winning entries may be featured on all three Outfit Blogs.

Prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third Place and are sponsored by Cosmetic Lotro, Material Middle-earth, and Wandering Around Arda. All decisions will be made by these blogs at their sole discretion and are final.

Have fun and good luck everyone!

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