Cosmetic Weapons Project

Thank you for stopping by and browsing this page! After eight years of playing, I've managed to amass a substantial collection of LOTRO's weapons. With the ability to overlay weapons, I decided to pick up this long overdue project and catalogue what I've had in storage. For those of you who are striving to make the perfect (or near perfect) outfits, this may be of interest. All I ask is that you keep in mind that this is not a complete collection of LOTRO's weapons, simply what I have in storage. Some images have also been pulled from the database through the plugin Item Treasury to flesh out what I already had.

If you happen to see another way to obtain a skin I've listed here, please comment on the appropriate post.

Things to note:

- Rune-stones, unfortunately, will not be included in this guide. The way they're held makes it impossible to take a clear picture.

- Shields are also on the table as well, but I'll look into that after fleshing out some of the earliest posted categories a bit more. Shields will be Phase Two...if I can find time for it.

- Still need to go into multiple categories and update the guides for the Khazad-dum Vaults, Soaring Depths, and the unconfirmed Storied Past sets. Currently, these are mixed in with the "unobtainable" sections at the bottom of each entry. The Thrang's Weapon set also needs to be added. These will probably come before Phase Two. Oh yes, and there's still a bit of touch up work to be done in earlier categories!

Staves, Part 1
Staves, Part 2
Swords, Part 1
Swords, Part 2
Bows, Part 1
Bows, Part 2
Axes, Part 1
Axes, Part 2
Great Axes
Maces, Part 1
Maces, Part 2
Great Swords
Clubs, Part 1
Clubs, Part 2
Great Clubs, Part 1
Daggers, Part 1
Daggers, Part 2
Great Clubs, Part 2
Hammers, Part 1
Hammers, Part 2
Great Hammers, Part 1

Crossbows, Part 1
Crossbows, Part 2
Great Hammers, Part 2
Rune-keeper Satchels

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