Cosmetic Weapons Project

Thank you for stopping by and browsing this page! After eight years of playing, I've managed to amass a substantial collection of LOTRO's weapons. With the ability to overlay weapons, I decided to pick up this long overdue project and catalogue what I've had in storage. For those of you who are striving to make the perfect (or near perfect) outfits, this may be of interest. I ask that you keep in mind this is my personal collection and not meant to be a complete collection of LOTRO's weapons. Some images have also been pulled from the database through the plugin Item Treasury with noteworthy skins for fuller collections. 

As of 3/17/19, comments have been disabled on the CWP entries listed below. Too many commenters, either privately or publicly, have ignored my request to not list weapons missed and to only list alternative methods to obtaining skins already listed. These moderated comments and private messages have become increasingly impolite. I appreciate the wonderful help given this past year, but these vocal few have made future contributions impossible.

UPDATE - Version 1.3.1 (March 17, 2019)

- Some earlier categories, such as swords, staves, halberds, and spears, are being expanded. Given how the project evolved, I feel these need to be brought to the same standard as the others. Thrang's weapons are also on the way.

- Older categories have been updated to reflect changes in currencies and vendors, especially after the transition between the Keepers of Mysteries and Traveller's Quartermasters.

- The LOTRO Store weapons have been given their own section. Any earlier entries containing those skins have been transferred there. As a result, some graphics on this page will change.

- Working on updating guides to include crafted weapons from Update 22 and 23.

- Work on the shields section has finally begun, but this category is more extensive than the previously posted ones. I'd expect to start seeing these later in the year.

Things to note:

- Rune-stones, unfortunately, will not be included in this guide. The way they're held makes it impossible to take a clear picture.

- Instruments will not be added here, as they're not swung around in combat.

Staves, Part 1
Staves, Part 2
Swords, Part 1
Swords, Part 2
Bows, Part 1
Bows, Part 2
Axes, Part 1
Axes, Part 2
Great Axes
Maces, Part 1
Maces, Part 2
Great Swords
Clubs, Part 1
Clubs, Part 2
Great Clubs, Part 1
Daggers, Part 1
Daggers, Part 2
Great Clubs, Part 2
Hammers, Part 1
Hammers, Part 2
Great Hammers, Part 1

Crossbows, Part 1
Crossbows, Part 2
Great Hammers, Part 2
Rune-keeper Satchels
Swords, Part 3
Staves, Part 3
Halberds, Part 2
Cosmetic Implements
Thrang's Weaponry
LOTRO Store Weapons Skins

SHIELDS (Mid to late 2019)

The shields section will be handled differently from the weapons. In here, there will be duplicates listed between the categories. As to why? In the earlier days of LOTRO, many shields shared the same designs, but displayed different sizes. (For example, a Minstrel's shield and a Guardian's heavy shield use appearance, except that the Guardian's is twice as big.) This will make it almost impossible to avoid duplicates across the categories, but not within them. So, if two light shields share use identical skins, only one image will be used and the shields will be listed beneath the image. 
Light Shields
Warden Shields
Heavy Shields
Cosmetic Shield Skins
"Back" Slot Shields

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