Hi everybody! Please, call me Nath. For the longest time, I've had a passion for cosmetics on LOTRO. It's great being able to play with the many armor and clothing skins and their possible color combinations. I find myself enjoying this aspect of the game more than I do playing it!  I can spend, easily, hours or days perfecting an outfit.

Originally I thought that I should submit my outfits to other blogs out there, namely Cosmetic LOTRO and LOTRO Fashion and hope to get something published there (you can find links to them in the sidebar). I'd have to say those two sites have been some of my biggest sources of inspiration! Instead, I decided to start my own blog in 2012 with the initial goal of cataloging and displaying my own outfits. I've even hoped this would become a resource for outfit ideas in the community!

This blog once supported player housing. As the system fell further and further into disarray with no hope of a major revamp by the end of 2014, I brought an end to that particular chapter. It's a shame because I had such passion for decorating homes too! If you look carefully on Material Middle-earth, you might still find a couple houses from the infancy of this blog. But if you're interested, you may find some on Twitter under the #LOTROHousing tag!

If you need to use images from this blog on your site, please give credit and link back to the original image or post. Even though the images are from a Turbine Inc./Standing Stones Games game, and properly credited here, please be courteous. Any reposted/repurposed image that I take from another site is paired with a proper link.

If you simply need to get in touch, use the form provided in the header, which is called "Contact MME." Or you can mail/message me in game on the Gladden server on any of the following toons:

Nathrien (Elven Minstrel, main toon)
Faewynn (Elven Lore-master)
Cirilyn (Race of Man Warden)

Characters found on other servers (for participating in the occasional event):
Nathellia (Minstrel, Landroval)
Nathellia (Minstrel, Crickhollow)
Nathellia (Minstrel, Arkenstone)

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