Monday, September 1, 2014

Farmers Faire 2014 - Steed and Cosmetics

This year, the 2014 Farmers Faire runs from September 1 to September 16. Once again, we have another unremarkable and reskinned robe and cloak in addition to another blanketed steed. It continues to irk me seeing a lack of creativity in Turbine's art department, especially when there is a year-long period between the appropriate seasonal festivals (from summer to summer or spring to spring, for example) to conceptualize and implement original game art. We've been seeing the same robe skin for well over a year now, and I frankly question if we'll ever move out of this cycle and break the cosmetic curse plaguing the LOTRO festivals. I understand that game progression towards Mordor is paramount, but it doesn't mean the aspects intended to provide players a temporary reprieve shouldn't be given the same care and consideration.

Despite my disappointment, what's done is done. Perhaps Turbine should let the players design new festival cosmetics from this time forward. I've even gone and made a suggestion on the LOTRO forums to bring back the old designing contests. If you are dismayed with the direction of festival rewards, I implore you, make your voice heard on the forums. Offer suggestions or constructive criticism. The only way we're going to make any headway is by coming together as a group.

Anyway, beneath this small wall of angsty text are pictures of the new rewards. To the right of each individual cosmetic is a version dyed black to demonstrate where colors change with dye application. Beneath each picture is the name and barter cost of the respective piece.

Robe of Bounty - 35 Farmers Faire Tokens

Cloak of Bounty and the Hooded Cloak of Bounty - 35 Farmers Faire Tokens each

Steed of Bounty and the Caparison of Bounty - 120 Farmers Faire Tokens each


  1. I quite like cloak and mount this time around, the upper part in gold is not so bad for me :) too bad about the same clothes design, it might be a trend which will not break sadly.

    1. The design is definitely less busy than the 2014 Summer Festival rewards, and I can live with these. There are definitely potential combinations with the undyeable areas of the ceremonial Annuminas gear and the default colors of the ceremonial Helegrod gear because of the heavy lime/electric green. Perhaps a little something with the Ost Dunhoth gear dyed yellow as well to approximate that same green.

      After the past year of festivals, I've become rather prejudiced (can't think of a better word) against the same reskinned rewards and immediately have that knee-jerk, negative reaction. And it shames me to admit that.

  2. Wow, turbine, thanks SO much for ANOTHER tablecloth steed and a reskinned robe. Not.

    It's making me not want to do any festival questing at all because the cosmetic barters are just getting frustrating.

    Thanks once again though for the post showing the cosmetics!

    1. You're welcome for the previews :)

      It's a bit frustrating, but I'm collecting the robe and cloaks nevertheless. I've been collecting festival rewards since 2010 and I basically have everything. Now I'm at the point where, if the rewards aren't appealing or worth collecting, I skip the festival. And I really really love the festivals too...but what's the point in accruing tokens when they'll never get spent? But that's my two cents :p


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