Monday, April 15, 2013

Musical Series - Resplendent Lutist

I found this outfit sitting unpublished in my blogger archives. Originally, I had it slotted for release in January, but I had been on break by then. While I'm working on new outfits, I'll gladly post this for everybody to see! With the 6th Anniversary Festival just around the corner, running from April 16 to April 30, this outfit feels appropriate.

Nathellia takes pride in her ability to perform. An uplifting song, a festive dance, and a genuine smile is all she needs to bring joy to the lives around her. She throws herself fully into each note and deliberately placed step. With the festival on the way, she takes the time to practice!

This is the Minstrel that I play on Landroval. Unfortunately, there's already a level 24 RK running around with the name Nathrien, which means I couldn't use the same name! I'm not there terribly often, but I go by the name Nathellia. If you're a Landy player, and see me online, feel free to say hi! I love to visit for awesome social events advertised both in the Ales and Tales channel and by The Lonely Mountain Band.

Being a low level player again has given me some insight on comsetics. I was level 14 or something around that number when I drafted this post. You don't have access to end game gear, nor do you have the marks and medallions to acquire gear from the skirmish camp. Thankfully, my good friend Ely from Pony Lovers Anonymous loaned me unbound cosmetics from her collection. With a couple of dyes, a small amount of silver, and some hides, I was able to create this outfit. I tell you, you really learn how to get creative with the limited amount of cosmetics available to you on a solitary character. I loved this so much that I actually recreated this on Gladden for my mini!

Even though I've been back for only a few days, I might find myself running a few events during this year's Anniversary Festival. We'll see! It also seems that Gladden may have quite a few events in the works for the festival too. If you're interested and play on Gladden, you can scope out this thread on the LOTRO forums.

Head: Circlet of Fresh-picked Flowers (Washed, Farmer's Faire barter item)
Shoulders: Enduring Elven-cloth Shoulderpads of Might (Sea Blue, world drop)
Back: Cloak of the Shining Star (Purple, Anniversary Festival barter item)
Chest: Silken Robe of Golden Splendour (Purple, Anniversary Festival barter item)
Feet: Thick Cotton Shoes (Purple, T3 tailor)

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