Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update 11 - Wildermore Cosmetic Preview

Today, I discovered that Update 11 was on Bullroarer. Naturally, I wanted to get the scoop on upcoming cosmetics...and to my surprise, there is quite a bit to experiment with! Leave it to me to forego actually gearing up my toons. I haven't seen everything yet, as I haven't worked on the new reputation for crafting. I'll share with everybody what I've encountered so far.

Armor Sets

I have to say these three new sets make me feel like Forochel meets Rohan. After all, the Wildermore is mainly a snowy region! These three featured armor sets might not have their names set in stone quite yet, after all this is the first build. From top to bottom, in this section, you have the Heavy Wildermore Set, the Medium Wildermore Set, and the Light Wildermore Set. From left to right, for each respective set, is the default color scheme followed by a dyed version. 

Feel free to click on each of these for a larger image!


Because captioning the pictures ruins this page format, I can tell you which colors were used in the dyed armor pictures. For the heavy set, I used Rivendell Green. For the medium set, I used Evendim Blue. For the light set, I used red. If you've noticed, the heavy and medium sets have a reddish base dye to them, which should prove interesting when experimenting with other colors. I hadn't noticed anything odd about the base color for the light armor, which might be subject to change.

You're also probably wondering how to get these sets. In the same regards as the Hytbold and Great River gear, you'll need to acquire Golden Tokens of the Wildermore. I haven't figured out how rare these are, as I haven't begun questing yet, but you'll only need one token per piece. You can trade 25 silver tokens, however, for a gold one. I look forward to earning these! Also, these are gated by reputation. At friend, ally, and kindred, you progressively unlock two pieces from each set.


Next in this cosmetic preview, I have screenies of the crafted Wildermore Cloaks. This recipe is obtained by bartering silver tokens. I would have added the barter cloaks from the Wildermore as well, but those skins haven't been added yet, other than the generic placeholders. I love how this cloak dyes, and depending on which colors you use, you can make some interesting color schemes. This one has a base hue of green...and I had to show you what it can do!

Bonus Pieces!

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw these babies. Don't get too excited though! I can't stress enough that this is only the first beta build for U11, but it appears the old school Ettenmoors cosmetics have been coded back into the game under different names! These are currently known as the Mathom-hunter's pieces, and your armor class will determine which set is available to any particular character. I truly hope these are here to stay.

(Just to clear up some confusion noted on the Show Us Your Favorite Cosmetic Outift thread from the LOTRO forums, there's only one heavy, medium, and light armor set currently coded into the game. For example, the three light classes will share the same cosmetic skin on the rightmost of the three, much like the light armor classes shared the same skin for the level 85 Barad Guldur set. These do come dyed white, but if you use dye wash on them, they will revert to the purple coloration of the original Ettenmoors pieces.)

I wasn't complete the light armor set for this preview, which saddens me! The store was down when I was playing this morning and I ran out of mithril coins. But if you're wondering what those helmet and gloves look like, check out the Mighty Verse set for Minstrels.

I'll also explain how you obtain these pieces. With Update 11, you have a daily and weekly Hobbit Present system. Once a day, per account, you have the ability to roll on a randomized free gift. Everybody has access to the daily silver boxes, but the VIP players have access to the weekly gold boxes. It's much easier to win these, one piece at a time, from the gold boxes. These are in the silver boxes too, but are much rarer. Of course, if you have mithril coins, you can purchase multiple presents per day! Two coins per silver box, and eight per gold. 

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at what's to come for the cosmetic community!


  1. Hmm, very interesting. I quite like the Wildermore sets, especially in the sense that the light and medium sets look to me like separate tops and bottoms (or is it just the medium set?). Anyway, also nice to have some additional cold-weather themed pieces.

    I'm a little skeptical about the whole Hobbit Gifts thing, but it's nice to see that those old armour set appearances will once again become available.

    Thanks so much for the preview, Nathrien -- very much appreciated! :)

    1. You're welcome! I, too, was skeptical about the Hobbit Presents system, but it seems fairly solid. There's a pool of about 25 items for each box with goodies other than the cosmetics seen above. Star-lit crystals and 100% crit crafting scrolls, for example.

      And about those Wildermore armor sets. The medium set has a separate top and bottom, but the heavy set does not.

  2. Those Wildermore pieces look so awesome! Fur is a major asset in my personal wardrobe - the more the better! The cloaks and the Ettenmoors are amazing too. I'm getting really excited for Lotro - there is much ahead this year (can you believe we're finally going to Helm's Deep? I thought we'd never get there!). Good work, Nathrien :D I can always rely on you for Bullroarer sneak peaks!

    1. You're welcome! Leave it to me to completely ignore the questing content and beeline right for the cosmetics. I hope that I can quest enough and check out the other tailor and metalsmith recipes...I'd be nice to have those here as well.


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