Saturday, June 14, 2014

Battle-hardened Hunter - Emeridir of Gladden

At the drafting of this outfit, I had blown the remainder of my mithril coins on cosmetics from Lalia's Market. It was either use 'em or lose 'em. They've been sitting there unused for well over a year, about the time many of the obsolete items were converted into tokens. Mainly, I went after some hard to get cosmetics, such as various ceremonial pieces from the Ettenmoors, the Lancer's Hauberk (once exclusive to the original Codemaster's servers), gear from classes I've never leveled past 65, and a few odds and ends. I felt it necessary to go all out and make the best, if not interesting, ensembles I possibly could.

Generally, I don't like to mix heavy and medium armor, but I do enjoy the combination I have here, despite this being ninety percent finished. There's just enough plate here to keep this outfit from feeling cumbersome. It was my intention to create something for a hunter that provides maximum mobility and protection for crucial appendages, especially when stealth becomes a luxury. Certainly, it was a weird concept, but this outfit was an experiment. Perhaps someone will like what they've seen well enough to improve upon this. The purpose of this blog was to provide inspiration. Even I have to remind myself that not a single outfit here has been set in proverbial stone.

On an odd note, did you know the quest gear skins from Helm's Deep can be purchased at the skirmish camps? I discovered that while recently leveling my LM to 95. Should I ever decide to level another alt to 95, I know that I won't have to worry about the aesthetics of the landscape gear. I've been to the heavy, medium, and light armor vendors, and I can confirm the sets are there. However, there was bug with the leggings in sets with "onesie" chest pieces. Then again, it might be a racial bug. I've looked at those leggings by themselves in the dressing room window (sometimes the pants going under the onesies are useful) and they're invisible. I don't know about you, but I've never been fond of running about Middle-earth in my undies!

Shoulders: Rohirric Esquire's Heavy Shoulderguards (Gold, heavy armor skirm camp vendor)
Back: Worn Cloak of the Ranger (Forest Green, Vol 3 Book 5 epic quest reward)
Chest: Ceremonial Jacket of the Unseen (Forest Green, Lalia's Market)
Hands: Ceremonial Gloves of the Aurochs (Forest Green, Helegrod cosmetic skirm vendor)
Feet: Combative Eastemnet Battle Boots (White, T8 Metalsmith recipe)

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