Saturday, June 28, 2014

Force of Nature - Faewynn of Gladden

When it comes to the elements, only one class in LOTRO comes to mind--the Lore-master. There is no better class when it comes to controlling the raw power of nature. They have an unrivaled command over fire, water, earth, air...and I was hoping to create an outfit representing that. It might not be the most original compilation, as the Ceremonial Robe of the Seven Stars is often dyed white, but it's one of the few appealing colors. That insanely saturated electric green isn't easy to color coordinate, as it often drowns out everything else. The trick is to use earthen tones, turquoise, or match it with equally saturated pieces.

Although it somewhat removes the creative aspects of outfitting, you can find various pieces featuring the same green across the other ceremonial Annuminas and Helegrod sets. Sometimes when you dye gear from Ost Dunhoth yellow, you'll create a similar color. Thought I'd offer a few alternatives if you're brave enough to use this robe!

Lighting was a problem with this outfit. If you run about Middle-earth on very high or ultra high settings as I do, you might notice the insane bloom effects as the sunlight touches the white portions of these cosmetics. I've included the bloom effect in the very first picture through a skill. Northern Ered Luin has little sunlight, and I thought that location would be easy on the eyes. If you would like an idea of what bright, consistent light will do, there's an outfit from 2011 on LOTRO Fashion called Sparkling Secrecy. (Try not to read the NSFW comments on the page...poor Freyjuska's blog has been spammed by bots.) Check out the last picture in the post and that should help you determine if this outfit is right for you. If you play on high or lower settings, you won't have to worry about the glowing effect.

Such is the price to pay when using gear that dyes a true white!

July is already here and my mind is still racing with concepts for outfits. My supplies are no longer as low as they were back in April. I spent a week or two grinding skirm raids and T2 classic raids for Flawed Symbols of the Elder King when they were first released, which resulted in an enormous amount skirmish marks and medallions. With those symbols, I've been able to level another character or two, adding landscape materials to my crafting storage. This has made it possible to sit in the dressing room and flesh out another few months' worth of ideas before those supplies become dangerously low again.

Shoulders: Ceremonial Silver-voice Shoulders (Default, cosmetic skirm camp vendor, Helegrod set)
Back: Twilight Cloak (White, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Ceremonial Robe of the Seven Stars (White, cosmetic skirm camp vendor, AnnĂºminas set)
Hands: Ceremonial Silver-voice Gloves (Default, cosmetic skirm camp vendor, Helegrod set)
Feet: Ceremonial Nenuial's Boots (Dark Green, cosmetic skirm camp vendor, AnnĂºminas set)


  1. Loremaster skills make for nice action screenshots hehe, love the first one! I think white is one of the few, if not the best color for this robe, like you said it is a true white which is rare :)

    1. Lore-masters have some of the more original animations for skills, which is an amazing modeling aspect. Since lightning storm has a much shorter cooldown now, it's become a viable skill for dynamic poses :)

      And as for true white pieces, I wish there were more of them. I've had to place too many ideas on the backburner because of the off-whites.


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