Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Festival 2014 - New Cosmetics and Steed

The Summer Festival has gone live one day early, much to my surprise! This means this festival will run from July 21 to August 8, 2014. Unfortunately, we're all getting the usual cosmetics. Old-style robes and blanket steeds with new skins. I think you all know by now how disappointed this makes me. However, I'll still collect the robe and cloaks.

If you are new to LOTRO or to this blog, you can find pics of the 2012 Summer Festival rewards here. I was away last year and unable to take pictures of 2013's new rewards. If you're interested in seeing those, visit Cosmetic LOTRO.

To the right of each cosmetic is a dyed version. I chose crimson this time to make patterns more distinguishable.

Robe of the Wedmath Celebration (20 Summer Festival Tokens)

Cloak of the Wedmath Celebration & Hooded Cloak of the Wedmath Celebration (20 Summer Festival Tokens each) 

Steed of the Wedmath Celebration & matching Caparison of the Wedmath Celebration (40 Summer Festival Tokens each)

As much as I should make my feelings both fully and fervently known on the LOTRO forums, I can't feel bothered to do so. The cosmetic community and the festival goers have been complaining about the blanket and robe theme for well over a year now. How many people dropped not so subtle hints in Malphunktion's thread about the likes and dislikes of LOTRO? No more blanket steeds. No more robes. Whoever is responsible for the festival rewards is not listening well to the community. Frankly, I wonder why.

If the artists at Turbine can turn out beautiful mounts like the Steed of Rivendell, which comes with a full set of war-steed gear, why can't the same effort be put into rewards we must grind for? I remember when we actually had halters, leggings, and saddles as additional rewards. What about robes and tunics? I've noticed that the Dol Amroth essence gear is either exactly or very close to what the NPC guards wear in the same city. There are many dresses and tunics that other NPCs wear throughout LOTRO...can't we have some of those spruced up for our festival rewards? The rohirric dresses the women wear are gorgeous. The elves in Celondim have wonderfully designed clothing. Whatever the case is, additions to the reward vendors since the 2013 Summer Festival have been showing a distinct lack of creativity.

But that's my two cents...and I'll hop off my soapbox now.


  1. Before I start, I'd just like to say I appreciate your swiftness, Nathrien. I had no idea the Summer fest started today! With that said . . . wtf. This is probably the worst designed cosmetic set I have ever seen. What a waste of polygons and game memory. That pattern looks like vintage curtain fabric! My hobbit wouldn't even wear something like that. As you said, we know from the design of the store steeds and NPC's that the creativity for better quality cosmetics IS there . . . Turbine just seems to prefer to sell said quality. This makes me so very sad. I used to wait like a child at Christmas for these festivals to come. Now I don't even bother to log in on these days.

    1. While I alted from one toon to the next making outfits, the festival switch was unexpectedly flipped. I rushed to Michel Delving and snagged the festival horse. When I got there, I ran to to the rewards vendor hoping, praying even, that the cosmetic curse would be lifted. Nope. The fabric and patterns screamed college paperback covers and Victorian wallpaper in a very William Morris sort of fashion. Even GLFF and World chat were both filled with complaints about the rewards. Despite how I felt about our new clothing, I took the opportunity to write this post.

      All I do is make outfits in LOTRO now. It's all that's left for me. But when I see poorly designed clothing like this, I come that much closer to closing down my blog. It truly is a shame that all the creative energy is poured into the store unrestrained, leaving much to be desired nearly everywhere else.

  2. Ha ha, "cosmetic curse". Good one Nathrien, and so true. I was traveling around England when the festival started. Obviously I didn't miss a thing.

    1. There wasn't too much to see this year for this particular festival. Who knows, maybe the curse will break for the Farmers Faire, which is scheduled for the beginning of September.

      Jealous of the traveling, by the way! I'll get around to that someday :)


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