Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lithe Festival 2012

The Summer Festival is BACK! I wasn't around last year for this festival, so all these cosmetics are new to me. However, I've done some poking around to see what's actually new. Basically, it's all the green pieces in the following pictures. To start collect these fabulous pieces, use the festival horse at the Michel Delving stable and then talk to the race master, Dodder Twofoot. Unfortunately, the festival tickets are bound on acquire again, which means no stacking all of them on one toon. It sure made it easier to collect the needed tokens for the Farmer's Faire...anyway, enjoy these cosmetics!

From left to right, we have the following:
1) Summerdays Tunic and Trousers (18 tokens)
2) Summerdays Dress (18 tokens)
3) Summerdays Hooded Cloak (15 tokens)
4) Summerdays Cloak (15 tokens)

If you love several shades of green, then you'll have to don these during your adventures across Middle-Earth! I can't believe how beautiful the tunic and dress look. The designers did a wonderful job keeping the pieces steamlined and ever so subtly detailed. Even the cloaks look wonderful :) If you dye these pieces, only the white portions will change. And I must say almost all the colors work with these pieces! Personally, I love what burgundy and rust do to these.

From left to right:
1) Short-sleeved Summer Dress (10 tokens)
2) Sleeveless Summer Dress (10 tokens)
3) Long-sleeved Summer Dress (10 tokens)

These are some of the cosmetics revived from previous summer festivals. Not too much to say about these, as they look the same aside of the sleeve lengths. The yellow-green portions are dyable here. Most colors work here, though earthy tones seem to work best.

From left to right, once more:
1) Short-sleeved Summer Tunic and Trousers (10 tokens)
2) Long-sleeved Summer Tunic and Trousers (10 tokens)
3) Sleeveless Elven Tunic (10 tokens)

These are also from previous years. Like with the Summer Dress pictured above, the yellow-green areas of Summer Tunics are dyeable. The Elven Tunic has an interesting pattern on it. This is probably the only cosmetic piece that I've never seen, even on the AH. Gladden's a fairly quiet server with a slow economy, so that's probably why I've never come across it. I fiddled around with the dyes on this piece, but I wasn't terribly impressed. I feel like when you dye it, the color chosen will overtake the entire piece.

Left to right, again:
1) Cloak of the Summer Sun (10 tokens)
2) Summer Traveling Cloak (10 tokens)
3) Golden Tree Summer Cloak (10 tokens)

Yay! New cloaks to add to my collection. I was fortunate enough to have a Cloak of the Summer Sun loaned to my wardrobe by a friend and have enjoyed it's occasional use. The orange definitely brightens and outfit, but it's hard to work with! The other two cloaks contrast each other nicely and they dye equally well too (purple in particular). I can see myself designing royalty and nature themed ensembles with them : )

Left to right (for the final time):
1) Summerdays Hat (15 tokens) **New item this year!
2) Turquoise Summer Circlet (10 tokens)
3) Sun Hat (10 tokens)

As some of you have noticed, I've freqently used the Turquoise Summer Circlet with my outfits. I absolutely adore this piece, since it goes vey well with elves! Please forgive the kept me from getting a clear shot of the circlet. The other hats look nice, especially the Summerdays Hat. It dyes completely and brightly! I can't quite figure out what to do with it yet. The Sun Hat may go well with some of the Farmer's Faire pieces. It dyes reasonably well, though it retains the base cream color. If you haven't seen the Farmer's Faire cosmetics, check out the post I made in July.

Ooh, I can't wait to collect all of these!

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