Monday, October 20, 2014

Harvestmath Festival 2014 - Cosmetic Rewards and Steed

The Harvestmath Festival, which has started a day early, will be running until November 2, 2014. I'm pleased to say, despite the reskinned robe and "tablecloth" steed, these patterns are fantastic! For the first time since the 2013 Yule Festival I can say I want these new rewards. But I still hope that someday we'll return to dresses and tunics. Honestly, these would have made wonderful patterns for them.

To the right of each cosmetic is a dyed version to give you an idea of what areas apply the color change. Also, if you are new to LOTRO this year and are wondering what was added for rewards in previous years, follow these links to the 2013 Harvestmath Festival and the 2012 Harvestmath Festival.

Also, I have an event to advertise at the bottom of this post. After you're done looking at the cosmetics, take a look at the information provided and learn about one of Crickhollow's annual events!

Robe of the Autumn Sun (24 Fall Festival Tokens)

Cloak of the Autumn Sun & Hooded Cloak of the Autumn Sun (24 Fall Festival Tokens each)

Steed of the Autumn Sun & the Caparison of the Autumn Sun (60 Fall Festival Tokens each) 

Also, in other news, Crickhollow is having their annual Haunted Hill event. I was asked by Rosalie, leader of the kinship Second Breakfast, to be a guest judge for the cosmetic portion of their event while I was on my vacation. I have yet to hear a confirmation, so I don't know if I'll be needed as a judge. Either way, I plan on attending this event at 1 PM EST (server time) on Sunday, October 26 to at least watch part of it. Stop by and participate in the festivities if you can. All you need is a character fresh out of the intro that can make it to hill just north of the Shire's Party Tree. I was a judge last year and enjoyed myself thoroughly!

(UPDATE 10/20 @ 5:00 PM EST) I will, in fact, be joining Gloredh of Wandering Around Arda and Starry of The Starry Mantle on the panel of judges for the fashion contest. It's been a long time since I've seen such a gathering of cosmetic bloggers at an event!

Here's the poster the kinship has supplied for the LOTRO forums.


  1. thanks for the preview! great timing as always :D yeah this time, the pattern is very pretty, and even the tablecloth received an upgrade with a leather saddle glued to it XD yet again the horse is not a blond sorrel when mounting on it, neither grey, but a nice chocolate brown!

    1. You're welcome! I've been patiently awaiting the festival all morning while doing housework. I figured Turbine would hold to the "day early" pattern for festivals. And thanks for that info regarding the standard mount color. I've yet to add one to my collection :)

      I can't wait to get my hands on the robe and cloak!

  2. I like this new pattern too, even if it is on the same old robe and cloaks. I think I'll actually get this one.

    And I'm looking forward to getting together to judge the costume contest with you and Gloredh! See you there, Nathrien! :D

    1. The pattern is just too pretty to ignore, so I'm working on some outfit ideas using the new robe and cloak. Gloredh posted a wonderful one today!

      And I'm super excited about's been a long time since I've been part of a judging panel. The last time was with Ely of Pony Lovers Anonymous almost two years ago on Gladden.


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