Saturday, October 4, 2014

Simple Fashion - Hauberks

This is the latest in my Simple Fashion series and last installment under this theme, at least for a while. I've covered all the basic and purely cosmetic categories at this point--tunics, dresses, robes, and now hauberks--and will continue posting my usual outfits as we move into the autumn and winter seasons. I was hoping to make a Summer Series since I was unable to make one last year, but this theme required too much time. Simple as it seems (no pun intended), designing minimalist outfits takes just as much effort, if not more than my usual creations. Regardless, being able to provide multiple ideas in a single blog entry feels like a significant accomplishment to me!

I've also been heavily scaling back my time with gaming and blogging rounds. I don't know if I'm feeling burned out, bored, or reaching a point where games retain less and less interest with each passing week. Luckily, it won't be affecting my posting schedule, not for a while anyway. Next week starts my annual Harvestmath Series, which is dedicated to seasonal outfits for this time of year!

And without further ado, here are your ideas for three of the lesser used hauberks in LOTRO.

Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Brazen Call (Turquoise, skirm camp cosmetics vendor, Heavy Moria Armor)
Body: Dwarf-make Hauberk (Turquoise, Thorin's Hall outfitter)
Hands: Stonefists (Umber, world drop)
Feet: Boots of Durin's Guard (Turquoise, Guardian class vendor in Twenty-first Hall)**

**Skin also available from the Guardian vendor for Medallions of Lothlorien at Echad Andestel. You can cross-class barter for these, unlike the vendor in Twenty-first Hall.

Shoulders: Ceremonial Town-saver's Shoulders (White, skirm camp cosmetic vendor, Rift Medium Armor)
Chest: Eastern-cut Hauberk (Crimson, any starter zone outfitter)
Feet: Ceremonial Town-saver's Boots (Crimson, skirm camp cosmetic vendor, Rift Medium Armor)

Shoulders: Light Nadhin Shoulders (Sea blue, Dol Amroth light armor vendor or post-50 world drop)
Back: Radiant Cloak (Violet, T5 Tailor recipe)
Chest: Elven Hauberk (Indigo, Celondim outfitter)
Feet: Shining Padded Shoes (Violet, world drop)


  1. Love the last one, that's a great combo of the very new shoulder piece with a very old hauberk :D the colors are lovely too

    1. That's my favorite of the three :) I had that same thought too of combining something new with something old in a "look how far we've come" kind of way. I was surprised with how well that outfit turned out.

      Plus, I love having another piece that dyes nearly that same blue in the featured cloak and the Lothlorien raiding gear!

  2. You probably know that hauberks are my favorite chest piece to work with, and I absolutely love how all these turned out!

    Amazing job with the last one, all the colors look so nice together!

    1. Thanks, Makaia! Hauberks are fun to use, especially the earlier ones. Unlike most of the later hauberks, which are largely one solid color, the ones found in the starter zones have a delightful variety of colors and patterns.

  3. Yes the last one is awesome! Should have gotten a feature post all for itself! Lovely.

    1. Thanks, Hymne! I wasn't expecting that last one to be that popular! Maybe it should have been in its own post after all :)

  4. I'm chiming in too to say that I loooove the last one, it's fantastic! :D

    1. Thank you, Starry! It certainly seems to be the favorite of the three! :)


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