Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hobbit-skald - Pennycandy of Gladden

This here is the final outfit request I'll be honoring. As you know, Saturday will be my final day updating this blog. I understand that there are other creations that some of you would have liked me to make, but I'm out of time. It's taking all of my willpower to stick to my guns and retire, as planned, this weekend. Thank you for strongly encouraging me to continue, but the longer I stay, the harder it will be to leave. Let's get back to the outfit, shall we?

I had a brief conversation with Lilyrose, the leader of Rangers of the West on the Gladden server. Some of you may recall that I've had the pleasure judging two server fashion events hosted by her wonderful kinship between 2013 and 2014. Anyway, she was wondering if I could make some sort of warrior-skald outfit. Usually she dons her Draigoch set and charges headfirst into battle on her hobbit mini. I'm hoping this gives her (and other similar halfling characters) another combat-ready option.

I very much remember the pre-Isengard days where the minstrel could wear medium armor. Although the stats weren't exactly geared towards casters, that particular armor class afforded greater protection right to level 65. This inspired me to work with medium and heavy armor in such a way that these characters could traverse the battlefield without feeling encumbered in any way. Medium chest and leggings to provide the much needed mobility and flexibility to freely play a chosen instrument. Heavy pauldrons and gauntlets to protect the arms that play that same instrument. This truly takes the minstrel and transforms it into a battle bard!

Because this is a little known alt of mine, I had several players stopping me while I was roaming about the Shire looking for a suitable photoshoot location. "How'd you get that armor?" "Did you just dump money into the game for all of that?" and questions of the like. This is what happens when you run a well-dressed level 10 alt through some of the busiest starter areas. Basically, I told them I've been cosmetic blogging for a few years, that this was an alt, and that the wardrobe feature makes this possible. I told them the wardrobe is amazing and that, if they were going to make LOTRO a long-term investment, it's a worthwhile purchase. That took me back several years, back to a time when I had this cosmetic system explained to me.

Sometimes, it feels like I'm new to this game all over again. I have so many fond memories :)

Head: Winged Circlet (Indigo, skirm camp cosmetics vendor)
Shoulders: Ceremonial High-protector's Shoulders (Indigo, skirm camp cosmetic vendor - Heavy Helegrod Armor)
Back: Cloak of the Autumn Wood (Indigo, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Elven Campaigner's Armor (Ered luin blue, T5 Tailor medium armor recipe)
Legs: Elven Campaigner's Leggings (Ered luin blue, T5 Tailor medium armor recipe)
Hands: Ceremonial High-protector's Gloves (Indigo, skirm camp cosmetic vendor - Heavy Helegrod Armor)
Feet: Ceremonial War-captain's Boots (Indigo, skirm camp cosmetic vendor - Heavy Helegrod Armor)


  1. It's hard... I admit, I'm pretty sure I'll be hanging up the proverbial cloak as well :( the community is simply not what it was. Middle-Earth remains beautiful, but is so lonely! Like an empty fish aquarium. Game mechanics are broken all across the board. What little inspiration I have dies so quickly. I mostly log in just to play music and wander around Lothlorien. You signing off means I'll be following not too long. I think a part of me always knew there would be an end. After I bought Helms Deep, a small, sad voice inside me whispered "This is it. No more." I denied it, but after months of not buying a single new quest pack, it's come to full realization now. I've simply moved on to newer, better games, where the community is more vibrant - AND worth my time and money. It saddens me deeply that we have to say farewell, Nathrien, but I understand. I completely understand. I'll drop by on your final post, but I want to wish you a personal goodbye. Maybe by some crazy fate, we'll meet again across the internet someday :)

    1. You've pretty much nailed my feelings on the head. Even though my love for Middle-earth remains, Helm's Deep was the expansion that ultimately killed my love for the game. The trait trees and Epic Battles shattered the kinships I knew and drove all but, maybe three, of my friends away. I, too, found myself in the same boat as them, but I continued to hold on desperately. It took several months before I accepted the anger and resentment I felt. I stuck around with outfitting, hoping there would be some glimmer of hope, but nothing's brought back the magical feelings from five years ago. Outfitting, sadly is no longer enough.

      On another note, there's a good chance that I'll pick up another project in the near future. Not sure what it'll be, but it won't be LOTRO related. I've had the chance to explore several games over the past eighteen months (six of which have been posted here in my "My Comsetic Adventures Away From LOTRO" series) and might start a generic blog about what I actually play. We'll see. And if I do start something like that, I'll be sure to post something here and keep everyone informed.

      If you or anyone wishes to stay in touch or follow my gaming endeavors, I'll be making Twitter my home for the long haul!

    2. If you're ever wandering through Tyria in Guild Wars 2, look me up :) I'm on Sanctum of Rall. Ellishul is my player tag.

    3. Awesome! I'm on Sorrow's Furnace and Nathrien is my main's name, of course. Not sure if you need the actual forums tag. It's been so long since I added a friend in that game!


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