Saturday, February 7, 2015

Revisiting the Early Days of MME

As promised in late November, I've gone back in time to 2012, taken old outfits from this blog, and reposted them here in bigger, brighter pictures with much improved graphical quality. It was difficult to choose from over fifty outfits, but I narrowed that list down to eight. With each picture, I've included the name of the outfit (most sound soooo corny!) and a link back to the original post for the dyes and skins. I almost changed some of the pieces, but decided to leave them as is.

Normally I post new outfits on Saturday, but I thought this would be a refreshing change of pace.

You might be wondering what was my reasoning for doing this? Here's my first reason. I never had the followers in 2012 that I have nowadays. When Material Middle-earth was in its infancy, I was lucky to get a hundred views a month. Nowadays, it nets at least several thousand. By not establishing myself on Facebook until late 2013 and Twitter in 2014, many LOTRO players didn't have the chance to see my early work as it was posted. I am hoping, today, that you'll join me on a sentimental journey and see where it all began. And for the second reason, this week's entry allowed me to exhaust whatever marks, medallions, and dyes remained simply by recreating these.

Also, don't forget that next Saturday I'll be posting my farewell entry with a new outfit! Before then, I'll be honoring one last outfit concept from a follower. If all goes well, that ensemble will appear here on Wednesday morning.

The War-forged Defender

Woodland Spirit

Scholar of the Isen

Roaming Captain

Infiltrator of Angmar

The Valkyrie

Grace of the Golden Wood

Defender of the Greenwood


  1. Great shots and brilliant outfits. My faves are War-forged Defender and Infiltrator of Angmar. It's nice to see these in high-res! :)

    1. Thanks, Starry! Of all these outfits, War-forged and Infiltrator needed a lot of love. The old pictures were too dark and blurred to make out the details. I'm glad I could give those outfits the treatment they've deserved for a long time. :)


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