Saturday, December 6, 2014

Midnight Chill - Nathrien of Gladden

Today kicks off the first outfit featured in this year's Winter Series. Versus doing something in a traditional blue and white theme, I've decided to try something new and experiment with skins that have gone unused in the two to three years they've been in storage. The first being the Battered Dunlending Chestguard (or any the Dunland pieces sharing this skin), which features a chain mail undergarment covered with a fur-lined coat, topped off with a strap-laden leather jerkin. Until this post, I've never been able to match it very well with anything else. The second piece, the Yule Hoodless Cloak, displaying a blizzard-like pattern and a highly unique white trim with a difficult to match silvery sheen. This sheen is only found in this cloak and often stands out in any outfit, even at a distance. If it were a pure white, I'd have used it a very long time ago.

Here's winter for a sleek, efficient, combat-oriented style!

Speaking of winter, the entire month of November was been unusually mild this year. Temperatures rarely dipped below 40˚ F at night, never quite putting me into the appropriate mood to dive head first into cold weather outfitting. Now that it's getting chilly enough where I live, I've started posting these. Isn't it funny how the weather outside of LOTRO heavily influences my choice of attire? At least this game offers a wide range of appropriate skins! There are so many that I've yet to collect them all.

One thing on my bucket list, which I doubt I'll ever get to, is collecting the three cosmetic sets from Wildermore. Even though I own that quest pack, I've only completed the epics. I'm certain that those sets, one for each armor class, would make fantastic additions to any winter ensemble. However, earning the required reputation and currency takes a long time from what I've been told. For those of you who either need a visual reminder, have barely quested in the region, or have ignored the Wildermore entirely, here's a post from Update 11 showing those cosmetic rewards.

Back: Yule Hoodless Cloak (Black, Yule Festival)
Chest: Battered Dunlending Chestguard (Black, Dunland quest reward)**
Hands: Gloves of the Encroaching Winter (Black, Wildermore Epic Quest reward)
Feet: Ceremonial Ajokoira Shoes (Umber, T5 Tailor Lossoth reputation recipe)

**Shares skin with Nos-crus, which drops from the Isengard instance cluster.


  1. Lovely screenies and combo with the chestpiece and cloak :) goes well with the lossoth say: the "winter winds speak your name!" hehe :)

    1. Thank you Gloredh :) I wasn't expecting those nighttime screenies to come out that well. And I'm really excited that cloak got some use after all!

  2. Clothing-wise, tis my favorite time of year! The Wildermore cosmetics are extremely awesome and well worth the rep grind, in my opinion. I myself made kin with the required factions in about a week - but that was only because I was binge gaming every night and I really REALLY wanted those cosmetics, lol. On top of it, they look amazing with the Ajokoira cosmetics (all the fur trimming and such).

    1. If I recall correctly, the Wildermore was something I generally avoided outside of the Epic story. Hytbold had been such an agonizing grind with three of my characters that I refused to put myself through another grind like that. Even though the Wildermore takes considerably less time, I didn't want to deal with 20-something days of doing dailies. But, that's just me :)

      And yes, this is one of my absolute favorite times of year for cosmetics. LOTRO has truly catered to clothing that staves off the cold!

  3. Oh I love winter outfits. And that one is just great! Beautiful combination and colours. :)

  4. Oh I love winter outfits. And that one is just great! Beautiful combination and colours. :)


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