Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winter Windsinger - Morghann of Gladden

One of the common associations with winter is the need to wear warm, and often insulating, clothing. This week, instead of focusing on that particular association, I've opted to portray the season in another style. Questions like "If winter were a person, what style he/she wear?" or "How would winter perceive itself in terms of colors?" or even "What kind of personality does winter have?" were rolling through my mind. I'll admit, it's a bit of an abstract place to start, but I'd like to think the final product justifies the process. Here you have a relatively simple, elegant ensemble using a minimal amount of colors in an almost pastel, unimposing fashion.

The designing process is different each time, at least for me. Even though I've often parked myself at the computer saying "This piece will be the focus of the outfit!", it doesn't always result in something worthwhile. Sometimes, I'll be inspired by an unrelated image or a theme. Sometimes the inspiration comes is the form of something as raw as an emotion. It can even simply start with a single color. And then you have the odd moments where you look see a particular hairstyle at the barber and convince yourself to create something to glorify that very style (yes, I've admittedly done that).

And while I'm on the topic of hair, which I've been dying to discuss for months without randomly injecting it into an entry, did you know that it can make or break an outfit? I'm serious, really. Hair in LOTRO often clips with clothing or covers an important aspect of your attire, whether your avatar is male or female. If you're using cloaks with hoods pooled around the neck or bulky shoulders, try using shorter styles. The process also works in reverse. If you have unsightly clipping in the shoulder region, you might want to change to a longer style. Hair can often cover those "problematic" areas. If you're not encountering any of those issues, the barber can help you add some extra flair. Believe it or not, it does work. By spending a handful of silver, you can easily go from a fashionable failure to a fashionable success!

In other news, you can look forward to something special in late January. A few weeks ago, I asked if anybody would like to see me give a handful of my oldest outfits the hi-def treatment, which wasn't possible for my laptop back in 2012. Between Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, and forum messages, I've received an overwhelming number of responses. I will have to sit here and recreate eight outfits which have cycled out of my wardrobe over the past year, but I will get them reposted. Thankfully, I've got posts scheduled for a while, which will give me the time I need!

Back: Cloak of the Windsinger (Sea Blue, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Long-sleeved Elven Dress (White, Rivendell reputation vendor)
Shoulders: Supple Wildermore Shoulderpads of Tactics (Sea Blue, T8 Tailor recipe - guild or Wildermore reputation vendor)


  1. the mantle dyed sea blue is so good looking with cloak and dress, it makes the pieces blend; I can imagine this lady being a snow princess, making snowflakes fall while she dances around :)

    1. That was the piece I used to bridge the dress and cloak. I wanted a mantle large enough to cover the shoulders, but something small enough to leave the cloak's hood poking out that way she could put it over her head if needed :)

      ...but for cloaks to actually work that way is a different story. But, I can imagine!

  2. Lovely winter colour. And this dress, though elven in design, shows best on women. The shoulders make it snug for winter!

    1. Thank you, Hymne! I do find dresses more appealing on women, as their body shape is more full-figured than elven women, even when the body slider is at it's skinniest. And as for the shoulders being snug, I feel the same way. :)

  3. "If winter were a person, what style he/she wear?"

    What a creative idea! And you've done an excellent job portraying this. I love it :)

    1. Thanks Devonna :) Its fun to work from a different angle every now and then!


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