Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nature's Solitude - Lanael of Gladden

Upon her return to Rivendell from Angmar, Lanael decided to roam about the northern regions of the Trollshaws--Nan Tornaeth, specifically. Although remote and dangerous, as well as being home to deep gorges and towering cliffs, there were many strange wonders to be seen. The remaining ruins here are a testament to the to the great Kingdom of Rhudar which had been all but destroyed in T.A. 1636 by the Great Plague. Even now, the creatures she encountered looked disfigured, almost as if that crippling disease still remained.

Despite the desolation, a large, crumbling temple still existed far to the north. Here, Lanael discovered an unusually peaceful sense of solitude as she gazed upon the ancient structure. The moss on the worn stones seemed to glow under the hazy atmosphere. Wild vines cascaded down the yellowed walls to the grounds below, like the white falls in the distance. The trees silently swayed in the breeze, the rustling of their leaves barely audible. Though she briefly remained on the outskirts of this place, she felt it was best to leave whatever rested there, if anything at all, alone.

I was fortunate enough to lead a DN raid and received the chest barter gem from the Mistress several weeks ago. I turned it in for the Robe of the Lady's Wisdom, one of the few cosmetically versatile robes in the game. The bold colors look beautiful on it, especially ered luin blue, red, and rivendell green! It seems to me that this particular item goes very well with any golden or gold-trimmed pieces in the game. But I wanted to challenge myself this time by matching the slightly off sky blue at the bottom of the robe.

Originally, I started with the mystery cloaks you can obtain from the skirmish camps for a few marks. They have a yellowish base color which turns blues into off turquoises. Sadly, that didn't work out so well. I decided to revive the store anniversary cloak from a previous outfit, dye it turquoise, and use it to compliment both the color and golden embroidery of the robe. But, what I hadn't intended was for the color of the wing designs to closely match the sky blue I had originally desired! Talk about an added bonus : )

I do have another raiding robe I'd like to go after in the future...the Robe of the Lady's Foersight : )

Head: Fine Eleven Circlet (Washed, Anniversary Festival gift boxes)
Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Learned (Turquoise, skirm camp cosmetic vendor)
Back: Reveller's Gilded Cloak (Turquoise, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Robe of the Lady's Wisdom (Turquoise, Lothlorien LM class vendor)
Feet: Transcendant Treasure-hunter's Shoes (Turquoise, T6 tailor)


  1. I love this! The robe is beautiful and you've placed it in a lovely setting. Turquoise is one of my favorite colours yet I use it so little. This is very inspiring. I should also get my but into DN again but I can see that I will probably be busy enough with Rohan for that not to happen any time soon. :)

    1. Thanks, Hymne. I admit that I use turquoise sparingly, as it's close in color to sea blue. I spent a few days running around Middle-Earth looking for a suitable location after dying this. Nothing seemed to work, but then I remembered that instances can offer some beautiful scenery. I couldn't get very far alone in the Lost Temple, but the entrance worked very well :)

      I don't lead raids very often (and I raid even less) but I always enjoy retro content...especially when I have a shot at some cosmetic tokens!

  2. That robe....! This robe is #1 on my cosmetic wish list. I envy anyone who has been able to get it. This is a beautiful outfit.

    1. Thank you, Devonna! It always feels great to check off a piece from the cosmetic wish list every now and then. This had been something I've waited two years to get my greedy hands on! I hope to have another outfit or two in the future featuring pieces from Barad Guldur I've worked very hard to acquire.

      I do wish that the DN and BG pieces become available through the cosmetic skirmish camp barters. I'll keep my fingers crossed that way everybody can get this robe one day!


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