Monday, September 10, 2012

Nenuial Knight - Aerthain of Gladden

  Aerthain spends his days patrolling the mostly quiet shores of Nenuial. So little ever happens that he finds himself standing on sandy shores, leaning on his lightweight, yet sturdy javelin. Aerthain is not one to actively seek out danger and eliminate it. In fact, he prefers the either let danger find him or let the actual warriors do the destroying. Though, he never complains when the opportunity for reconnaissance arises, so long as there's no chance of being caught. Combat is always the last resort for him, even when placed in difficult situations. Best described as passive defensive, Aerthain does what he can to keep the peace while limiting both the activities of tomb robbers and the occupying forces of Angmar.

It's not very often that I dress a character completely in heavy armor because of the aggravation I encounter with most heavy pieces. However, I did enjoy creating this by using the teal Captain's Moria set as a base. Until I get used to chain mail or large amount of chain links in many pieces, I'll stick with plate armor. I used the leggings in a previous outfit, but used new pieces everywhere else. Unlike previous designs, I tried to take shapes into account--not just the human male body, but also the contours and accents of the armor itself. I tried my best to give everything a sharper look versus the typical softer, rounder looks I tend to spotlight. I wanted an outfit that kept an air of intimidation over aggression and I believe that this did the trick between the bold yellows and dull navy blues.

And for a bit of important cosmetic news, keep an eye on Cosmetic LOTRO and The Starry Mantle for their joint NPC Look-alike contest! A Rohan Legendary Expansion package and TP are being distributed for prizes.

EDIT: In my search for future armored inspiration, I took a peek at Iaksones' blog only to realize I have practically duplicated his outfit, save for the color and shoulders. It's not the first time this has happened to me! Usually, it's a fellow kinsman and I that tend to both independently and unknowingly create the same ensemble. Just when you think you're being original... : p

Head: Helm of Rallying (Navy, world drop)
Shoulders: Hall-general's Shoulders (Navy, Moria Captain vendor)
Back: Cloak of the Mallorn (Navy, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Hall-general's Breastplate (Navy, Moria Captain vendor)
Hands: Hall-general's Gauntlets (Navy, Moria Captain vendor)
Legs: Hall-general's Leggings (Navy, Moria Captain vendor)
Feet: Greaves of Growing Light (Navy, Draigoch random reward)


  1. Despite not being very original perhaps, it is still a beautiful outfit in blue! I think this type of outfit speaks to the male half of the player base a lot as they seem to lean towards the heavy stuff. I like it and plan to get it for my captain once she hits Moria. Those skirts look better on a female anyway! :P

    1. Thanks! I loved the coloration out this outfit too! It's been one of my goals to that cater to the male player base. Most of my chracters are female despite their race and I quickly disovered that I should make some that were male. For some reason, heavy armor fits the male body better even if you maxed out a female's body size on the creation menu. I love the armored skirts, and you're right...they do look better on the girls!

      Next week, I've got a heavy armored female to spotlight :)

  2. I love the new look of the blog!

    Beautiful screenshots too, and the cloak looks gorgeous with the armour. I know what you mean about the odd time here and there where I am mortified to realize that I've done something similiar to something that's been featured on someone's else blog. But I think everyone understands,and it's still the little touches that make them our own. In fact I've got an outfit coming up this week that uses a couple of pieces that everyone's been using lately! ;)

    1. Thank you! It's a bit unnerving when I find a similar outfit featured elsewhere, but it stands to reason that even two unrelated people can create the same or similar masterpiece. It's also true that the personalized touches are what make these outfits our own--sometimes a single piece or a different color can change the mood of the entire outfit :)

  3. I judge by looking at the older stuff on the Share Your Outfit thread and by /inspecting the Brandywine Captain population that this type of outfit is an old classic. I'd say if you took all your friends with captain alts they havent touched since 65, half of them would have and outfit based on the Hall-general stuff. The leggings and chestpiece go so well together that they might as well be inseparable, and I'd say the helm here is probably the top choice of helm for pairing with that armor. So I wouldn't say that you ripped off my outfit so much as we took a popular and common, albeit old, style of outfit and gave it our own touches.

    I did that with the ToO heavy armor, again with the OD heavy armor, and I'm currently taking that Eastemnet stuff everybody wears and I'm trying to own it. Personal touch is like that odd piece of armor and your chosen color scheme. Like Starry said, that's all it takes to make something unique.

    I'd say you did that quite well. I'd call those boots an upgrade over the vanilla Hall-General boots. I like the point on the toe (and I hate the point at the back--I think it's too Elvish, though I have used it before--but that point is nice and hidden by the armored skirt); the steely coloring is pleasing too. The helm makes more sense than the goofy looking Hall-General's Helm. The coloring of the cloak is perfect and I've used it several times myself because I like it so much. The raised collar too makes the outfit feel bulkier.

    1. Thanks! I guess did go a bit overboard worrying about copying somebody else's outfit. When you said that some pieces are basically inseparable, I didn't feel so mortified anymore. I noticed that with much of the teal Moria armor as I was reviewing other pieces for future compilations. All the more reason to revive the old classics and put a new spin on them! I can see some sort of retro blog series happening in the future...

      Also, I do agree with you about the Elvish-style boots. The plate skirts are great for hiding the tips on the back of some them. Half the time, they clip and poke though pants and cloaks depending upon the character's build.


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