Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elegant Farmer - Asphodella of Gladden

I must admit, it's been wonderful taking a break from the game, for the most part. All I've really been doing is running Inn League dailies to stockpile Summer Festival Tokens for cosmetics and mounts. There's not much more to do on LOTRO right now other than work on costumes since the Rohan Expansion got pushed back to October 15th, I believe. Even then, I've been feeling pretty burned out playing the game. I'm strongly considering taking a break from grinding and questing until the expansion's release. Instead, I'll use that time to create and line up some new outfits for the blogging community to view! Speaking of new outfits, I hope you enjoy this simple one : )

Every morning, Asphodella greets the sunshine with a smile. And even if the sky is overcast, she still smiles brightly in hopes that the clouds part! For 35 years, Asphodella has kept her life simple and never asked for much...except for the secret to Maggot's mushrooms. She spends her days tilling the soft, rich soil on the Bywater farms to harvest healthy veggies and expertly weeding her gardens to keep her flowers bright and cheerful. While out in the sun for extensive periods, she wears her hat to keep cool and her skin a preferable ivory...the perfect shade for a Hobbit who stealthily performs alternative work at night.

A tiny story for a tiny character, who I really know nothing about yet : )

So here starts my experimenting with Hobbits. To tell you the truth, it's difficult working with the shorter races. Elves and Men are taller and more slender than Dwarves and Hobbits, allowing the typical outfit designer some extra leeway for cosmetic pieces. I've found that I can't use half of the items stocked in my wardrobe because they clip in many ways...cloaks with the drawn back hoods in particular. It makes it difficult to find useable shoulders! Anyway, I wanted to start with something easy as I continue dressing my Hobbits, even if were a stereotypically themed kind of, I finally got to put some Farmer's Faire cosmetics to use!

Eventually, I'll break into Dwarves. One step at a time : )

Head: Slagvi's Hat (Black, Moria quest reward)
Back: Hoodless Cloak of the Silver Birch (Umber, LOTRO Store)
Body: Fancy Farmer's Tunic and Trousers (Umber, Farmer's Faire Festival item)

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