Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tundra Wanderer - Aerthain of Gladden

  It's not without a good reason that Aerthain would venture into the northern lands of Forochel, and even then he would do his best not to travel beyond the Taur Orthon. He knows that beyond the dark icy crevasse of Jä-kuru lies a smothered white wasteland. Further north, the memories of an evil long gone lingers as a chill in the air and the waters of the ice bay are frigid enough to kill. The farther away from the shores of Nenuial he travels, the less likely he is to return with the tough hides his companions need for clothing and the cured meat for rations. Though there is plenty of game to hunt in Evendim, by no means is there an indefinite supply. 

Forochel, Forochel, Forochel. Oh, how I love your northen lights! Seriously, this is one of my favorite zones in the game. I've been trying to think of an outfit for this zone for the longest time without having to rely on a ton of fuzzy, fluffy, comfy clothing. It's my goal to create something that suited the region while minimizing the chance to blend into the background. That's why I tried to use colors similar to those of the mysterious NPC Lossoth. Also, while designing this, I was taking the weather into account. It's not the greatest idea to run into wintry conditions in heavy armor. Metal can become cold quickly, killing body heat, and all that exposure to moisture could very well rust armor and restrict movement. That means something that affords protection,  while retaining some sort of warmth. It's not often I consider the environment aside of aesthetics.

Once again, it feels great to not recycle cosmetics, especially the boots. I've noticed how many times I've used those Brushed Leather Boots over and over again. The Boots of Fleetness really bring out the browns in the gloves, shoulders, and hauberk, which was something the other boots couldn't do. Also, the Hauberk of Glory dyes a deliciously brownish-grey. The cloak just adds a fun and pleasant touch : )


Shoulders: Shining Dwarf-steel Shoulder Guards (Sienna, World drop)
Back: Fancy Snow-cloak (Grey, Yule Festival)
Chest: Hauberk of Glory (Grey, LOTRO Store)
Hands: Leather Gauntelts of Vigour (Grey, World drop)
Feet:  Boots of Fleetness (Sienna, World drop)

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