Friday, November 30, 2012

Barad Guldur Armor Sets - New and Old

Courtesy of Bullroarer, I have screenshots of the new level 85 Barad Guldur armor sets available at your local skirmish camp. I found it surprising that the new end-game gear is available without any special prerequisites, such as Dark Emblems from the actual raid. They'll be sitting here alongside the 65 6-piece sets at the Classic skirmish vendor. Make sure to click each picture for an enlarged version.  With the number of pictures here, I didn't want to make this post too long. Two sections here -- the 85 and 65 armor.

Level 85 Sets
(Heavy, Medium, Light from left to right)

The latest BG armor doesn't quite feature new skins. In fact, only the coloration appears to be different. If you notice closely, provided you are already familiar with the 65 BG armor, each set is a mish-mash of the original pieces from its respective classes. A helmet from one set here, leggings from another, and so on. The heavy set is for Champ, Guards, and Cappies. The medium set is for Hunters, Wardens, and Burglars. The light set is for Minstrels, Lore-masters, and Rune-keepers. Each class does have its own statted gear though! As for the dyable portions of this armor, only the silver-grey areas can be recolored.

Each piece costs 1554 Marks and 538 Medallions


Level 65 Sets

Here are the original sets from BG. Not much to say here other than this is some nostalgic gear from when the level cap was 65. You don't need to run the raid anymore to earn the Dark Emblems required for specific pieces, thankfully. But for those of you who don't have the marks and medallions, you can still trade in your Dark Emblems for the pieces in Ost Galadh. The stats are still the same, but this gear has become even more practical with it's availability at the Classic skirm camp vendor! Darzil's Crafting Guide has small pictures of each set, but you'll have a unique chance here to view larger and more detailed pictures by clicking each one!

Each piece will cost 609 Marks, 210 Medallions

(Captain, Guardian, and Champion, left to right)


(Hunter, Burglar, Warden, left to right)


(Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Lore-master, left to right)



  1. I quite like the recoloured pieces. It will be great to have easier access to the lvl 65 sets as well. Thanks for sharing, Nathrien! :D

    1. You're welcome! I stayed up extra late last night to bring these screenies to everybody : ) The new pieces look awesome, though I wish that each playable class had it's own silvery armor versus the three armor classes. But that's not going to stop me from collecting them someday!

  2. *squeals with excitement* this is fantastic news! I can never find anyone on my server who wants to run that raid anymore, so I've had no way to obtain those old BG armor pieces. Now I can use regular medallions/marks. Thank you for the pictures :D

    1. You're absolutely welcome :) While I was fooling around on Bullroarer, I made three outfits, one for each level 85 BG armor class, to show everybody how those pieces dye. I'll be posting those here gradually.


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