Monday, December 3, 2012

Yule Tidings - Winter Series

The scent of apple pies, sweet berries, and freshly baked and ever so slightly seasoned bread greeted Faewynn as she entered the gates of Frostbluff for her first time. The people of the town, despite being complete strangers, welcomed her warmly, offered her a tour, and bid her to take part in festivities. There was much for her to do here, so much that she had no idea where to start! The villagers were having snowmen building contests, delightful theater performances, joyous dancing in the town square, and serving a rich feast for all! Even after celebrating to her heart's content, she helped with the continual cleaning of the town to allow those working all day some time to enjoy the festival themselves! 

One of the great benefits of Bullroarer is access to an unusual variety of cosmetic pieces, whether they're vendored, bartered, or granted by class-based raid packages. Not to mention, the freely given and rather large amonts of TP, marks, medallions, and seals. This time around, Frostbluff was available on the testing server, which allowed me to use it for a photo shoot background! With the holiday season in full swing, I thought it'd be nice to kick off the Winter Series with a festive outfit, rich in greens, reds, and other bright colors. It's got a great ale embroidery too!

Last year, I remember the 2011 Yule Outfit Contest contest hosted by Cosmetic LOTRO, LOTRO Fashion, and LOTRO Stylist. I was still a fledgling fashionista at the time, knowing very little about outfitting, and I almost considered submitting an entry of my own. I remember only being able to make the most obvious of outfits using common yule-themed pieces, and it turned out that what I was using had been submitted repeatedly by others! Looking back at the contest entries, I realize it was a place for me to start. Even now, many of the outfits featured there are great sources of inspiration! Check out that link and view the submission slideshow : )

If all goes well, we may see one for 2012!

Shoulders: Gwir-palvais (Rivendell Green, Isen 3-man cluster reward)
Chest: Ale Association Robe (Forest Green, kindred Ale Assoc. item)
Boots: Brushed Leather Boots (White, cosmetic skirm camp vendor)

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  1. I really like this outfit. The greens, reds and gold colors are very Yule looking :)


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