Thursday, November 8, 2012

Autumn Series - Spirit of Lasse-lanta

Quellë is the fourth Elvish season and is the season of Autumn. This season has 54 days and runs from about the end of September to the latter part of November on the Gregorian calendar. It is a period known as the ‘fading-time.’ An alternative Quenya name for Quellë is Lasse-lanta, or ‘Leaf-fall.’ The Sindarin equivalents are Firith and Narbeleth.
- Courtesy of Elvenesse 
Oh, what you can discover while poking around for seasonal lore created by Tolkien. Apparently, there isn't much out there between books, the internet, my Tolkien Companion, and the appendices of the LOTR legendarium. What little I could discover about the Elven seasons was quite interesting. The Calendar of Imladris, the only Elf-calendar known, was a system of reckoning utilizing a counting system of six and twelve. A year wasn't divided into months, but into six seasons of varying lengths with special holidays between the seasons to complete an average 365 day cycle. The seasons are Tuilë, Lairë, Yávië, Quellë, Hrívë, and Coirë (spring, summer, autumn, fading, winter, and stirring, respectively) each lasting either fifty-four or seventy-two days. On top of that, the elvish week only has six days!

If you'd like to read a complete breakdown of the seasons and holidays, follow the link to Elvenesse provided above. You'll also find a fantastic breakdown of the mathematics behind the calendar's duodecimal system. Mikki has conveyed it well, however my translating it here wouldn't do her justice!

And if you're interested in the seasonal lore of other races, whether they're months or holidays, take a peek at The Starry Mantle for mentioning the Shire Calendar's month of Blotmath!

Since Lasse-lanta means 'Leaf-fall,' I thought it would be wonderful to introduce outfit to all of you representing the final days of Autumn, perhaps even the final entry of this seasonal series, when the last of the withering leaves fall from the branches. It was great to give the richly dyed Tawarwaith Robe some love once more, pairing it with the Cloak of the Falling Leaves. I haven't used the robe since the early Mirkwood days. Come to think of it, I've rarely used any of those pieces in my outfits. I'd suggest checking them out'll find a fantastic array of leaf-themed pieces that also mix well with the Lothlórien gear. Anyway, it took some effort to coordinate the colors for the shoulders. This just didn't look quite right without them. Most of the shoulders were intersecting the hood's base, clipping and overlapping in not very flattering ways. But then I came across the ones from the Minstrel's Helegrod set, which didn't dye too brightly. In the end, it made a wonderful intermediary piece between the cloak and robe : )

Did you know that Quellë ends this year on November 20, 2012?

Head: Circlet of the Graven Word (Yellow, Helegrod skirm camp cosmetic barter)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Silver Voice (Rust, Helegrod skirm camp cosmetic barter)
Back: Cloak of the Fallen Leaves (Orange, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Tawarwaith Robe of the Awakened (Orange, T6 Malledhrim tailor recipe)
Boots: Ceremonial Pathfinder's Boots (Rust, Moria skirm camp cosmetic barter)


  1. The shoulders were a great choice! They really do blend the cloak into the robe perfectly. :) I also like how the tassels or beads on the chest of the robe match the colour of the lower portion of the cloak, and how you dyed the circlet so that its gem matches the gold rivets or whatever they are on the shoulders. Well done! :)

    1. Thanks Starry! It's one of those rare moments when you somehow get a bajillion colors to simultaneously jive with each other. By the way, I didn't even notice those studs on the peaks of the shoulders and how well they match the coloration of the circlet.


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