Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cosmetic News!

This hasn't been set in stone yet, but here's some hopeful news for all you cosmetic hounds out there! Update 9, should the notes not change in the near future, will bring us a very very very special surprise:

  • The original Barad Guldur sets are now available from the Classic skirmish vendors. New level 85 versions, with updated stats and different appearances are also available.

Before we all get too excited over this, bear in mind that these are NOT the Ceremonial versions of the pieces. This is the actual statted gear from Dol Guldur which is bound to character upon acquire. It'd be nice if there were ceremonial versions too, that way I can move them all to one of my three cosmetic storage toons without eating up already valuable vault space! Can you imagine not having to thrash the Lieutenant of Dol Goldur just for a one in twelve shot at those coveted Lore-master shoulders? And for the new 85 versions, I'm not sure if we're talking about entirely new skins or if these will be alternately colored skins. Guess we'll have to wait and see once they're added!

On a side note, there's a lot of new gear coming with these instances. I'm not sure if the NDA applies here, so I'll be playing it safe and strictly sticking with the notes. I've already tested the new content and seen the stats on the new instance-based class gear from the boss chests. I won't divulge stats here, but there seems to be a wide selection of cloaks, armor, and jewellery. The cosmetic skins haven't been added yet (hopefully they do *coughturbinecough*) and the gear is visually mundane, but this could also bring a greater influx of new outfits to the cosmetic community if my prediction holds!

Hopefully I'll be able to post some cosmetic preview in the upcoming weeks!


  1. I was very interested when I read about this in the Bullroarer notes! But then I got a little worried... what's going to happen to Medallions of Dol Guldur? I've been saving some up for my alts for when they get to Mirkwood to pick up some pieces of the 3-piece sets (which are so affordable at 3 medallions each). I can just hop on my main and destroy Sword Halls for a new piece, basically. But if the medallions of GD are gone and we will now use regular marks and medallions for the pieces, that could get expensive.

    Did you happen to notice if medallions of DG have been taken out, Nathrien? I'd love any insight!

    Come to think of it, I wonder if it will be just the 6-piece sets available at skirmish camps and not the 3-piece sets at all...? So confused!

    1. Actually, I went directly to Ost Galadh the moment I logged on Bullroarer. All of the pieces are still there, presumably they'll remain there, and are still barterable. The original BG pieces can still be bartered for with the Emblems dropped by the various bosses of BG and the three cosmetically similar Loth pieces are still available using the DG Medallions.

      As far as I know, the trainers won't be affected in Ost Galadh. And from what I can see, the level 65 6-piece sets are going to be available at the Classic skirm camp vendor.

      I'll keep you posted. This is only the first stage for testing the upcoming changes and the new content, so this could very well change.

    2. Hmm, very interesting, so far so good! Thanks for the info Nathrien! :D

  2. Finally something cosmetically interesting within the Rohan expansion. I thought they'd make cosmetic versions before making this move of the scaling instances but it makes sense. I wonder what the new 85 pieces will look like, as they should have an Elvish design presumably. Would be kind of weird if not. I used to enjoy BG, it might be nice doing it again at 85.
    Oh and there's no NDA, it's just open Bullroarer. Anyone can log in anytime.

    1. I'm looking forward to running BG again. I miss the challenge of it being an on-level raid! I'm also glad to hear the NDA doesn't apply to this update :) By the way, you won't have to wait any longer for previews of the 85 armor. I just posted a new blog entry!

  3. Yes thank you! Saw them on BR as I was finally able to un-lazy myself and log in. Actually I logged in to look at the state of the Yule Festival in Frostbluff, which as you have found out by now as well, is a huge daily grind fest (or un-fest rather) if not changed. Honestly, I'm getting more and more disappointed and tired of both the lotro store prices and the increase in mandatory grinds for festivals.

    1. I'm not terribly happy myself with the new and increasingly difficult grind for festival tokens. Totally not happy with how you lose those Golden Festival Tokens between each festival now. All that hard work, which should be rolling over, goes to waste. But, if your dream was to dress up as a peikko this year for the Yule Festival, then look no farther! There's a very fuzzy cloak with horns :)


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