Saturday, September 21, 2013

Eagle-friend - Satella of Gladden

Can you believe that I haven't posted an actual LOTRO outfit since April? It certainly feels nice to get back this! The first thing I did when I got back was figure out what I've used in outfitting (and how frequently) as well as what I haven't used. Needless to say, I've heavily favored a few pieces. One piece, the center of this design, the Hauberk of the Eagle's Crest, hasn't been used until now. You'd think that having a particular piece for more than two years would mean I use it more often. Nope. After fooling around with it, I discovered why it sat in storage. Only the white portions of the piece actually dye, leaving you with a primarily navy color.

So, as I was designing this, I tried to think of a theme and a character to apply this to. Focusing on the eagle emblem, I tried to think of pieces that provided some sort of edge or a sharpness, perhaps even talon-like, while avoiding something altogether cumbersome. They might be hard to see in these pictures, since they blend in, but the Shoulders of the Ancient Tongue gave me exactly what I needed. And I was a bit shocked how a piece that usually stuck out like a sore thumb worked incredibly well. My champion worked quite well with this outfit. Her two swords, I envisioned, were the equivalent of an eagle's talons, which are used to both attack and defend. The rest of the pieces fall into place as I kept with a navy and white theme.

Satella, looking south across the Entwash towards Aldburg, her home. (Aldburg better be included in Helm's Deep!)
It's my hope to also maintain a new posting style for my blog. Normally, I have a large picture at the beginning of the post followed by another one broken into three segments. Starting with this post, I'm going to be adding some sort of scenic picture at the bottom just before the breakdown of the gear used in the outfit. Also, I'll be adding more smaller pictures in the future that way I can make better use of the cramped layout Blogspot has provided for me.  Yay! More pictures!

Hope you enjoyed this!

Head: Vibrant Eastemnet Campaign Circlet (Navy, T8 Tailor Recipe)
Shoulders:  Shoulders of the Ancient Tongue (Navy, Dar Narbugud helmet barter token)
Chest: Hauberk of the Eagle's Crest (White, LOTRO Store or Lockbox)
Hands: Lesser Secret of the West Gauntlets (Navy, Ost Dunhoth Burglar set)
Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the North Star (Navy, Rift cosmetic skirmish camp barter)


  1. Nice to see you back again and presenting this wonderful hauberk outfit. She sure looks nasty in that first shot, but the colours are gorgeous. :)

    1. Thanks! I hope to be back for a while. I haven't purchased Helm's Deep yet, and if I don't for some reason, I'll continue to post outfits as long as the interest holds. :)

      And yes, she does look ferocious in the first picture. I had most of her background story running though my mind as I started taking screenshots.


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