Thursday, September 12, 2013

Helm's Deep Cosmetics Part 1: Pre-order Goodies

The pre-order expansion information for Helm's Deep has been released. Naturally, since this is a cosmetic blog, I'll be bringing the skinny on the cosmetic portions of these packages. It's expected to go live on November 18, 2013 and provide the following bonuses:

PREMIUM EDITION - $59.99, €53,99, £44.99

Features all Helm’s Deep content, with level cap increase. This edition also grants these great items:

  • Armour of the Hammerhand – an exclusive full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armour
  • +10 quest log slots
  • Crystal of Remembrance – adds one additional legacy to your legendary weapon
  • Helm’s Deep Title – Helm’s Enforcer
  • Helm’s Deep Title – Helm’s Avenger
  • 2000 Turbine points
  • Shield of the Hammerhand (Statted Cloak  +25%XP, scales to level of wearer)
  • Exclusive War-steed Bundle (The Steed of the Hammerhand) – an exclusive Rohirrim mount with matching War-Steed appearance

BASE EDITION – $39.99, €35,99, £29.99

Features all Helm’s Deep content, with level cap increase. Also grants these items:

  • Hauberk of the Hammerhand - an exclusive Rohirrim cosmetic chest piece
  • Helm’s Deep Title: Helm’s Enforcer
  • 1000 Turbine points
  • Token of Hornburg (+25% Monster XP)
  • The Steed of the Hammerhand – an exclusive Rohirrim Mount

Not much else has been released, however, a kinmate has graciously provided a preview of the undyeable "Armour of the Hammerhand" cosmetic set from the premium package, as well as the shield. I hope to get a few screenies of the standard horse and the war-steed wearing its own cosmetic set in the future for your convenience!

(ADDED 9/19/13) I had been running around taking screenshots of another outfit today when I came across a minstrel Hobbit who let me take a pic of his Steed of the Hammerhand. We chatted briefly and from what he told me, the war-steed cosmetics that match this steed are undyeable, just like the Steed of the Eastemnet set from Riders of Rohan. It's an elegant design, but there's not much that can be done with it. Here's a picture of the pre-order steed:


  1. Goodness gracious. Thank you for previewing those, as I missed any indication of what this set looked like on the official site. My thoughts: that character is wearing a boringly reskinned hauberk, goofy horsey shoulderpads, and a metal rabbit-helm (the ears are drooping downwards in shame). :/

    1. Believe it not, I had found the previews sitting in the beta section of LOTRO-wiki last July. I couldn't trace them to anything or confirm them until the expansion package release the name of the armor set. Thankfully, someone from the kin linked these up in chat...and for once, I was able to get some screenies without having to pre-purchase the premium package myself. I had hoped the beta pictures were only a working idea and not something set in stone. I honestly can't see myself using these rehashed cosmetics. Is it me or have the devs been lazier than usual? Even the new cosmetics for this year's Summer Festival and Farmer's Faire have been lackluster.


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