Saturday, September 28, 2013

Elven Blossom - Nathrien of Gladden

It was by chance that I had found the Lissuin cosmetic pieces on the AH this month. Normally, I would have spent a portion of my time gathering tokens during the Spring Festival this year, but it was nearly impossible at the time. You see, my PC hadn't been repaired yet and my laptop could barely handle LOTRO. I had to cash in half of my Badges of Taste from previous festivals to grab the war-steed pieces, as those are bound on acquire and can't be purchased elsewhere. The rest of the new cosmetics would have to wait, and with some patience, I hoped to find them on the AH...and I did. For thirty gold, I purchased the Lissuin Robe, Lissuin Dress, and the Lissuin Cloak. The hooded version of the cloak still eludes me.

I hadn't had a chance to try on the caparison from the Spring Festival until I resumed LOTRO. So what's the first thing I do? Cycle through each and every color I have available to find some pleasing combination of colors...but one particular color blew me out of the proverbial water. Normally, I don't work with defined bright colors, but something about the jarring combination of that lime green found in the Spring Lissuin Carapace (featured in the final photo) and the rose color (one of the free war-steed colors) made me reconsider. From there, I wondered how those Lissuin comsetics would look if I dyed them rose. The dress became the focal point of the outfit.

It had taken some time to settle on a design that wasn't overpowered by any one particularly bright color. I had originally combined the rose-dyed Lissuin Cloak and olive-dyed tailor-crafted Superb Campaigner's Shoulder Guards...but there was just too much green. (If you're wondering what it looked like at that stage, take a look at the first screenshot in a previous post, Up to Speed.) It took a few hours of searching for something comparable, but I had found a nearly perfect cloak--the Fine Scholar's Cloak--on my tailor. When dyed rose, the colors closely resembled those found in the already dyed dress. The bluish-green found in these two pieces had also been an unexpected bonus! At this point, all I needed was a set of shoulders to complete the outfit. Even though I've used them a million times by now, the Shoulders of the Mighty verse worked perfectly.

And here we have the most vibrant outfit I've created to this day. 

TIP: Complimentary colors, colors opposite of each other on a color wheel, are challenging to use, but when used correctly and proportionally, the most amazing things can be made! Typical examples would be red vs. green, orange vs. blue, and yellow vs. purple. Be careful when using such themes. The brighter or more saturated they are, the higher the chances will be for your colors to clash!

Head: Balladeer's Hat (Rose, Moria light armor medallion barter)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse (Rose, Moria Minstrel class barter)
Back: Fine Scholar's Cloak (Rose, T4 Tailor recipe)
Chest: Lissuin Dress (Rose, Spring Festival rewards vendor)

Warsteed: Spring Lissuin Caparison (Rose, Spring Festival rewards vendor)
                Spring Lissuin Halter (Rose, Spring Festival rewards vendor)
                Spring Lissuin Leggings (Rose, Spring Festival rewards vendor)
                White skin and tail color (LOTRO Store)


  1. oooh pretty! I like how the cloak and dress look good together, the rose dye makes a nice contrast with the yellow flowers in the background, and the last picture, love it!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm happy with out this came out, but it did take a while. Rose is one of those colors I haven't used in well over a year and the color just made me want to evoke feelings of springtime. That's why I spent extra time looking for fields of colorful flowers for those pictures to compliment the rose. As I was finishing this outfit, I had began to wonder why lissuin had been used in the name. I wasn't sure if it was an arbitrary name created by the developers or if it was a proper name, so I did a little research. Did you know that lissuin is a type of flower found on the island of Tol Eressëa said to ease the heart? Unfortunately, there isn't a known color for that particular flower.

  2. Yeah, that shoulder piece is one of my favorite cosmetic items. I love the picture of you petting the war-steed. Wonderful work, Nathrien!

    1. The Shoulders of the Mighty Verse is probably my most used cosmetic piece. Despite how old it is, I think it's one of the most versatile shoulders around...and it tends to solve many of my cosmetic problems when it comes to clipping or color coordination. Even the old school Moors version (now known as the light Mathom-tender's Shoulders) has had it's uses. And I'm glad you liked the screenie with the steed in it! I've been trying to become more creative with my emotes : )

  3. oh yes, since we know very little of it, and having only the dress and cloak design as reference I like to think of it as a flower with small white petals and very light green leaves... is fun to imagine how it might actually look! :D

  4. So pretty! I need more rose. It's decided.

    1. Thank you! Rose is a pretty color, but I often find it difficult to integrate into most outfits. I've only been able to successfully use it twice, and that's when earthen or metallic tones aren't present in the pieces I'm using or if something already has pinkish tones in it, like the Simbelmynë clothing. SOmetimes, depending on the piece, rose can look more like mauve or lavender! : )


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