Sunday, September 8, 2013

Up to Speed

It's certainly been a while since I was last here! Now that my computer is back in working order, I can resume working on my blog from time to time. However, I'm still somewhat on break from LOTRO and biding my time until Helm's Deep. I've been fooling around on Rift, Neverwinter, and World of Warcraft (someone got me a 30 day game card last year and I never used it until now) in the meantime. I do have to say that of all the games that I've ever played, LOTRO by far has the superior cosmetic system between the versatility of designs and the assortment of color from which to choose! I took a couple of screenies from my brief adventures today...hope you enjoy them!

I hope to be back in full force soon! : )

Spring Lissuin War-steed set & matching Lissuin ensemble - this outfit is in progress!

An old, but favorite outfift that's been slightly modified. From the "Grace of the Golden Wood" post :)


  1. Welcome back, Nathrien! I've missed your posts. I've heard rumors that there is a slew of cosmetics coming with Helm's Deep, so I too have not been posting outfits as much as I like ;) can't wait!

    1. Thank you! I'm actually in the process of piecing together a few new outfits for the blog. Hopefully, I can get something up by the end of the week.

      I too am looking forward to seeing what's on the way with Helm's Deep as cosmetics are always a welcome sight! This game has needed a fresh infusion of dyable pieces. The Erebor gear sure is pretty, but I wish it could have been dyeable like it was in the first Beta build for U11. Anyway, when the HD Beta becomes public, I'll definitely be getting the community some previews. : )


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