Thursday, August 2, 2012

Roaming Captain - Morghann of Gladden

(Retro Twitter feature on 11/25/14)

Captain Morghann's charismatic abilities were like second nature. As a young woman growing up in Combe, she spent many a day sowing seeds and tilling the land. If she needed help or noticed that someone else did, Morghann could easily rally friends, family and strangers to finish the necessary tasks with ease. Crops flourished in nearly every farm during the harvesting seasons. Under her leadership, which she was often too modest to admit and refused to take credit for, Combe's community thrived. Her skill to care for the land was equal to her uncanny ability to cook.

One day, the Blackwolds raided Combe. Morghann, who was baling hay at the time, heard shouts coming from the direction of the Chetwood, though it was too late. Some homes were burning, brigands were running from the town in small groups with valuables in their arms, and others were making their way, armed, towards The Comb and Wattle Inn. Shifting the pitchfork in her hands, and gathering the stable boys at her side, she led the charge and prevented the Blackwolds from raiding the inn. What Morghann did not realize was that her defending of her village was the start of her adventure across Middle-Earth, a journey filled with peril and the courage to see it through to the very end...

I've been trying to remind myself lately that cosmetic gear isn't always about collecting the fanciest, most elaborate gear in the game. It's tough for me to take a step back and use simple, ordinary gear. I tend to have this habit of stockpiling the end game gear becuase it looks pretty and then I never even use half of it. Even then, I recycle the same pieces over and over again! I honestly liked the look of this outfit when it was done. Large, solid color areas, good color variety, and a minimum of overly decorated cosmetic pieces...and no cloak (which is very unusual for me)! For once, I used pieces that I've never used before : ) 

Head: Dwarf-make Circlet (Violet, Anniversary Festival gift-box)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse (Violet, Moria Minstrel barter)
Chest:  Forged-iron Dunlending Hauberk (Violet, Dunland quest reward)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag (Violet, Dunland quest reward)
Feet:  Forged-iron Dunlending Boots (Violet, Dunland quest reward)


  1. LoL I was just coming back to your blog to comment on this outfit and I see you already posted another one! No lack of inspiration which is great!
    Just wanted to let you know I really like this outfit. Coincidence or not but I'm walking around with those Minstrel shoulders on my cappy too, but keep fighting with the "right" combination because of the default violet and gold colour in the shoulders. I think you found the perfect outfit for your cappy here, leaving me to struggle a little while longer! :D

    1. Thank you very much! I was struggling with those shoulders myself for a while. I couldn't decide if I should follow the violet theme or if I should dye them olive to match the greenish tones in the arms. I almost went with olive because the neck portion of those shoulders has a natural and subtle trace of both violet and white.

  2. Diggin' the screenshots, especially the first one. Thats a great pose. Defensive strike? It's hard for me to remember, 'cause I only use halberd while captain tanking multiple mobs nowadays, and that's not too often anymore since I got my warden leveled and geared.

    About your comment on recycling particular pieces of gear, I feel ya. Some pieces of gear go well with a variety of stuff, and others just plain don't. I've certainly latched onto some favorites. For instance, if you looked at my relatively young blog, you'd find darn near a whole outfit of stuff I've used twice--shoulders, boots, leggings, gloves, and cloak.

    1. That first screenshot was fun to take! It had never occurred to me to take pictures of combat skill animations for cosmetic display. I don't exactly recall which attack that was...either defensive strike or grave wound, I think. It definitely captures the warrior side of Morghann.

      We all have our favorites, that's for sure! Some pieces are far too versatile in this game to not be used. By the way, I like your's a great contrast to what I have here. I need to start working with more male characters and post a few armored models!

  3. Love the outfit, love the ginger :)

  4. This drew my attention; it's still hard to look away.
    Morghann looks absolutely stunning, and yet it's all practical and (relatively) simple: fingerless gloves, a scarf, a hauberk and sensible boots...
    And what wonderful screenshots you have.
    Never underestimate the wonders one can find, testing out -all- the animations the game holds, whether emotes or skills. :)

    That hauberk is one I fell hard in love with the moment I saw. It's beautiful, and dyes wonderfully. Curiously, whereas on females it reaches the knees, on guys it's ankle-length.

    Thank you for letting us see this! :)


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