Thursday, August 16, 2012

Defender of the Greenwood - Aldebaraan of Gladden

Aldebaraan was and still is, by nature, a solitary elf. Hailing from the Halls of Thranduil in Mirkwood, it was his duty for twenty years to patrol the banks of the Celduin and the Long Lake to ensure the safe transit of wines to Esgaroth. Though a tedious job, he was also charged with the task of guarding the Woodland Realm from the foul beasts of Dol Guldur. Garbed in green, he sillently and effortlessly blended with the ever darkening forest. However, he grew tired of his post. Aldebaraan besceeched the mighty Thranduil, who reluctantly granted him leave to visit elf-kin in the lands to the south and west. For some time, he enjoyed the wonders L√≥rien and Rivendell had to offer.

In his travels, Aldebaraan developed a curiosity for the lands west of the Misty Mountains. Unlike his elven bretheren, the Men and Hobbits of Eriador didn't seclude themselves from the other races. He said few words, though that never stopped him from enjoying the occasional mug of cider or glass of wine. If his fellow patrons at the taverns and inns were lucky, Aldebaraan would treat them to an Elvish song. After a year, he began to feel homesick, and he knew he would have to return one day to the Halls of Thranduil...but not yet. Middle-Earth still had much to offer.

Even though hauberks are very love/hate for me, I enjoyed creating this outfit for my champion. I don't use hauberks very often, as they tend to have too much chainmail showing, but I just had to put this Hauberk of the Greenwood to use! I loved the detailing on fabric between the splashes of pastel reds, golds, and greens. It's not often you get this color variety and versatility in any cosmetic piece. Also, I thought this was perfect for an elf between the intricate patterns and the sheer elegance of the piece. (It didn't look quite right on a dwarf, though I hope to have one featured here in the future.) Also, it was a great base for an outfit with a ton of accents between the shoulders, boots, gloves, and cloak without looking terribly overdone. To tell you the truth, I was surprised that Wrap of Turning Leaves went with this so well!

I've noticed that I tend to support the store-exclusive cosmetics in many of my outfits. I love them, since most of them are unique and beautifully designed. Come to think of it, there haven't been many new cosmetics in the store, particularly permanent ones. Too often does Turbine add limited time selections, which can put a strain on cosmetic lovers' wallets. It'd be nice to have some new stuff that's up all year round to support the free to play economy!

Anyway, you can find a lot of hauberks from the outfitters across Middle-Earth, but the best looking ones seem to come from the LOTRO Store and festivals. I have plans for outfits using the Hauberk of Glory and the Hauberk of the Mirrormere, the only other hauberks I currently have any love for.... : )

Head: Ceremonial Circlet of the Graven Word (Forest green, skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)
Shoulders: Bladecatcher's Pauldrons (Forest green, LOTRO Store)
Back: Wrap of the Turning Leaves (Rivendell green, Harvestmath Festival barter item)
Chest: Hauberk of the Greenwood (Forest green, LOTRO Store)
Hands: Gloves of the Tireless Sentinel (Forest green, Warden barter item from Galtrev)
Feet: Glossy Leather Boots (Rivendell green, skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)


  1. I really like the cloak-circlet match. colors in your outfit are very interesting and they match nicely, well done!

    1. Thank you! I took a chance with the color combination. I never know what to do wtih hauberks, so I tried to give it a little pizazz :)


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