Friday, December 21, 2012

Traveler of the East Wall

Garbed in the armor of the Mirkwood elves, Satella reached the borders of Rohan, her homeland. Seven long years gave passed since she last saw Aldor and the land of the Horse-lords, and in those seven long years, much had changed. Villages were being razed to the ground and the bodies of kinsmen, slain by the swords and spears of the Orcs, lined the well-traveled roads. Erring on the side of caution, Satella chose to travel the winding roads of the East Wall at night, avoiding the open plains altogether . Even then, the woodland path was far from safe. Orcs patrolled the quiet shores relentlessly, using the trees to occasionally mask their presence. If it was necessary, she would silently and swiftly eliminate those blocking her path home...

I seem to have this obsession with purple, violet, and indigo when it comes to my champ. Now that I think about it, I've imagined her dressed in various shades of purple throughout her many incarnations. It's a little known fact, but she was based on a Dungeons and Dragons character I played over 3 years ago. It's certainly been fun outfitting her over the past year or so! Anyway, this post puts some color to the level 85 medium Barad Guldur armor sets. As you see, it's largely dyable and retains a sort of elvish regality no matter the color chosen. These are probably the most ornate pieces from the three sets, with teal and gold scales and wonderful leafy swirls on the leggings. Once again, playing around with gold trimmed pieces is a wonderful way to coordinate with the BG gear!

Head: Hat of the Written Word (Indigo, Moria light armor token vendor)
Shoulders: Ceremonial High-Protector's Shoulders (Indigo, Helegrod cosmetic skirm vendor)
Back: Cloak of the Mallorn (Indigo, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Jacket of the Hall-Warden (Indigo, level 85 Barad Guldur gear, classic skirm camp vendor)
Legs: Leggings of the Hall-Warden (Indigo, level 85 Barad Guldur gear, classic skirm camp vendor)
Hands: Gloves of the Seven Stars (Default, teal Annuminas gear, classic skirm camp vendor)
Feet: Boots of the Seven Stars (Default, teal Annuminas gear, classic skirm camp vendor)


  1. I really like this outfit! Is this another outfit made while in beta? The skirm camp is a rich source of cosmetics and I think it gave you the perfect piece for every slot here.

    1. Yes, this is another outfit made in beta. Not only am I notorious for testing new gear on the battlefield, I'm known for putting it through rigorous testing in the dressing rooms. Traveling in top-notch gear and looking stylish while doing it is a plus in my book! Besides, with all those free daily marks, meds, and seals, it gives me a chance to futz around with stuff I can't afford on the live servers : )

  2. Such a beautiful combination, I love it!! :D The cloak boots and gloves really bring it all together for me. So far I haven't played around with the teal Annuminas gear, but you have just inspired me to have a look at it. Gorgeous! :)

    1. Thanks! The teal Annuminas gear is tough to use, since you can't dye it. There are quite a few shades of purple combined with bright yellow-golds in almost all of the pieces. If you can manage to get a piece into your outfit, it will add a very nice touch!

  3. That cloak is beautiful dyed that color! I can never get enough of beautiful cloaks :D

    1. The store cloaks are indeed beautiful. They're such cosmetically versatile pieces that I never get bored using them, although I sometimes find myself using the same one over and over for weeks on end! The game actually has a few of the store cloaks skins programmed into the game as drops, mainly from the Isengard 3-man cluster. I've seen pieces sharing the skins of the Hooded Cloak of the Dove, the Hooded Cloak of the Silver Birch, and a couple others.


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