Friday, December 28, 2012

Return of the Shieldmaiden

Such a wonderfully designed, plated, and earthen-toned armor set. The Eastemnet Battle pieces all do well dyed off-greens, burgundies, dark browns, and any other muted colors. The bolder and brighter tones look okay, but are much more difficult to use. I had fun designing this outfit, and I tried a new designing process. Instead of finding scenery to match a custom outfit like I always do, I decided to find an outfit that pair with the scenery. In case I've lost you in my attempt to explain, I matched this to the landscape--to the Wold in particular. The zone is filled with greens, yellows, and browns (looks like the sun burned more than just the grass to me) which made this an easy and simple outfit. I'll have to keep experimenting with this method in the meantime...

I'd have to say that Turbine did very well with the Eastemnet crafter armor skins. I don't think I can choose favorites quite yet, but I was very impressed with the level 80 heavy armor. It's a wonderful thing that we didn't get the robes and furry pieces that the three westfold crafted armor types had. Don't get me wrong, I do like those's just that they had little variety. I've yet to get one of the rep gated Eastemnet tailor robes! So much to be added to my list, but so little room...might have to start a third cosmetic storage toon at this rate.

Not bad considering this is my first time using the T8 crafted gear : )

Head: Tactical Circlet of the Horse-lords (Olive, T8 tailor recipe)
Shoulders: Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (Sienna, Dunland quest reward)
Back: Silky Cloak of Salvation (Sienna, Dunland quest reward - Abominations quest chain capstone reward)
Chest: Combative Eastemnet Battle Armor (Olive, T8 metalsmith recipe)
Hands: Combative Eastemnet Battle Gauntlets (Sienna, T8 metalsmith recipe)
Feet: Combative Eastemnet Battle Boots (Sienna, T8 metalsmith recipe)

War-steed Cosmetics: The entire Heavy Set of the Entwash (Olive, LOTRO Store)


  1. Very nice outfit! I agree about the crafted armour, it's all lovely... until you notice the bugs on female elves (feet), male man (chest) etc. They still haven't fixed them. Will they ever? In any case it suits your warden extremely well, and I love the combination with that cloak and the steed appearance. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Hymne! I feel this suits my warden as well. I never knew about the cosmetic bugs with the new equipment and I hope they're not strongly pronounced! I was hoping to test some of the Eastemnet gear on other races and genders, but I'll have to keep a lookout for them :)

      By the way, did you know that there's a highly noticeable bug on male elves? If you attempt to view a dress in the dressing room, any dress in fact, or actually equip one EVERY dress looks like the summerdays one. I discovered that while I was scoping out some cosmetics I didn't have a couple weeks ago. Naturally, I've bugged this!

    2. Yes, it's in the known issues list already. I even saw a dev comment about it. Funny though, because I really don't dress my male elf in dresses.... :P

  2. Great outfit, very functional. That's a great choice of cloak too.


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