Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Series - A Light Dusting

Lanael enjoyed a leisurely trot through the mountain pass connecting Forochel and Evendim. It'd been a long month for her, assessing the plans of the Angmarim camped east of Sûri-kylä. They  weren't much of a threat anymore, considering how well the Lossoth have repelled their attacks and that they had no direct contact with the forces of Angmar. As she marched southward, the weather began to warm, the skies began to clear, and the tempestuous blizzards of the northern wastes subsided into flurries. Despite being grateful that she wouldn't be returning to Forochel for the foreseeable future, she was going to miss the snow. The southern lands rarely saw any...and the farther she traveled, the smaller the chances became, to the point where it would never be seen. For a few minutes, she dismounted her noble steed and basked in the sun, the chilly air, and embraced her surroundings...

As you can probably tell while writing this Winter Series, I have this growing obsession with Forochel. Particularly the Taur Orthon area, where there are still trees lightly dusted with snow, a small lake that doesn't kill you while swimming across it, and a place where the northern lights blanket everything in a soft glow. It's a bittersweet feeling to leave the zone and return to questing, but there are other things to be done. I'm sure I find time to return eventually...

Doesn't that Lore-keeper's Robe look beautiful in blue? I see it all the time on Gladden, except that everyone dyes it black and parades around in it. Black has always been the cool color on the server, but doesn't something that looks elegant deserve an equally elegant color? If it goes well, everybody should have access to this particular piece soon! Given that this is a winter-themed outfit, I thought that I'd break out some little used cosmetics I've collected over the year. The Fancy Snow-cloak was one of them. I loved the cool and relaxing pattern on it. On top of it, it's definitely something that keeps your character warm in conjunction with the Leijona shoulders! Adding a touch of ered luin blue to the cloak really brought out the various shades of blues in the robe and made the golden tones more pronounced : )

Shoulders: Ceremonial Leijona Shoulder Guards (Evendim blue, crafted T5 tailor, Lossoth friend standing)
Back: Fancy Snow-cloak (Ered luin blue, Yule Festival reward 2010)
Chest: Lore-keeper's Robe (Ered luin blue, level 65 BG Lore-master gear)
Hands: Dwarf Padded Gloves of Might (Ered luin blue, world drop)
Feet: Glossy Leather Boots (White, skirm camp cosmetic vendor)


  1. Aw, beautiful! I love how it matches her eyes. :)

    1. Thank you, Ely! I didn't even realize that the outfit matches her eyes until you said it : )

  2. That is lovely, Nathrien! I've been looking for ever for something to go with that cloak :D you combine blue dyes so well!

    1. Thank you, Cat! Blue has been one of my favorite colors since I was a child, and with all the shades of blue provided for us in game, I get the chance to mix them to my heart's content : )


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