Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reviving an Old Frock - Nathrien on Bullroarer

Now that the NDA has been revoked, I can post this amazing War-steed and old school Annuminas-based outfit combination. Gotta love the perks from Beta, especially when it comes to daily allowance for skirm marks and medallions...I would never be able to afford this on the live servers, as I never seem to have them in abundance. So I went to town on retro-gear I normally couldn't get my greedy little hands on! Even though the outfit you'll see isn't entirely original, I feel I should spotlight it.

This will probably be my only mount-centric post, as I'm focusing on player cosmetics. If you love horses, especially these, I'd suggest keeping an eye on my friend Ely's site Pony Lovers Anonymous. You'll see some astonishing mounts with matching outfits!

This lovely war-steed is decorated with pieces from three different LOTRO Store steeds. In the pics directly above and below, I borrowed various pieces from the Champion, Lore-master, Hunter and Rune-keeper. Yay for daily TP allowance in Beta! That right there was about 8000 TP worth of steed cosmetics. The color palette is incredibly diverse and you can dye most of the pieces. Too bad it wasn't up and running quite yet, but you also have the option to color your steed's skin with shades of grey, browns, creams, and earthy yellows. Oh, the possibilities!

To see more information on the steed appearance panel, check out Hymne's post on Cosmetic LOTRO. I believe I had posted this once before, but for those of who who missed it, here it is again!

To tell you the truth, there's not much of a story behind this outfit. It's more of a flashy, ooh-la-la, OMG I have to post this kinda deal. Even though the clothes don't exactly match the barding, I found it a pleasing combination. Also, if you look closely, the colors in the mount pieces don't quite match. I wanted these pictures to mainly display the versatility of the system.

(This image was shrunk becuase of its size. Too beautiful to it to see the original size! )

So this is the lavishy designed Seven Stars set from Annúminas. Well, not entirely. I swapped out once piece because those Song-master's Shoulders deserved some official use! Because these Annúminas pieces are from the teal set, they can't be dyed. I wish players still ran around using these cosmetically. I haven't seen them since the release of Draigoch back in December. Anyway, they have such wonderful shades of purple. I don't know what it is, but I have this crazy obsession with's not like this is my favorite color, you know ; )

I almost went with the Cloak of the Seven Stars, but I'm not terribly fond of the hooded ones unless I'm creating something stealthy. Instead I opted for the Cloak of the Northern Lights because of the base colors. It seemed to go well with the undyable gear becuase of similar coloration and by dying it purple I was able to integrate it into this ensemble.

Did you know that this Circlet of the Seven Stars glows in the dark? Neat little tidbit, huh? I was soooooo mezmerized by that : D 

Head: Circlet of the Seven Stars (Washed, skirm camp classic vendor)
Shoulders: Songmaster's Shoulders (Purple, Mirkwood Minstrel vendor)
Back: Cloak of the Northern Lights (Purple, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Robe of the Seven Stars (Washed, skirm camp classic vendor)
Hands: Gloves of the Seven Stars (Washed, skirm camp classic vendor)
Feet: Boots of the Seven Stars (Washed, skirm camp classic vendor)

Head: Champion's Halter (Purple, Steed of the Champion)
Body: Rune-keeper's Caparison (Purple, Steed of the Rune-keeper)
Feet: Lore-master's Leggins (Purple, Steed of the Lore-master)
Saddle: Burglar's Saddle (undyable, Steed of the Burglar)
Gear: Lore-master's Gear (undyable, Steed of the Lore-master)


  1. Beautiful screenshots. I love that teal Annúminas robe too. I had absolutely no idea that the circlet glows in the dark, that is so cool! Thanks for sharing! :D


  3. omg a glow in the dark? Never seen that either! Very cool! Glad you can dress up to your heart's delight on BR for a while, burn those free medallions! The outfit looks extravagant and rich, in complete accordance with its price! ;)

  4. The outfitter's community reaction to the circlet is surprising indeed :) I have been told that the teal Shield of the West Tower glows as well. Apparently, it's an Annuminas theme! Would anybody know if there were other pre-Draigoch glow in the dark pieces?


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