Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Early Cosmetic Adventure - Cirilyn of Gladden

This was my first attempt early last year at making an outfit for any of my many characters. I originally had no intention of posting this, but after a brief conversation with my friend Ely on her blog Pony Lovers Anonymous about early attempts,  I thought I should indeed share this with all of you. I would have prefered to share the original pictures I took in Evendim, but they're lost on a laptop too far gone to function. In fact, a good many screenshots are lost.

I remember my first ideas about my warden, Cirilyn. I had wanted her to be some sort of mercenary who fought on the side of justice--maybe even more accurately, morality. I had seen the Sellsword's Hauberk in the LOTRO Store one day and said to myself, "That's her!" Since then, I've always kept this outfit and never altered the colors. It was a simple, functional ensemble...one I had made long before I ever encountered true end-game gear and the fashion lure that came with it. If anything has changed here, it would be the weapons and shield...those I felt should somewhat match what she's wearing.

It's funny looking back at outfits like these and noticing how I tend to favor certain colors for certain characters. Blue is most definitely Cirilyn's, no matter the shade. Somehow, I have to squeeze it in somewhere, somehow. If you've seen my previously featured post for Cirilyn, you'll find blue in there too. Nathrien seems to favor whites and purples, just like Faewynn looks good in blacks and reds. I don't know if it's instinctive, but they're important to each character. I also don't know if their personalities chose the colors or if the colors chose thier personalities. I guess that would be the psychoanalyst and writer in me trying to explain something not quite tangible. Some of you might be able to relate to this and if not, odds are I've lost and confused you! Anyway, thanks for bearing with my ramblings :D

Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet (Sea blue, LOTRO Store dyeable version)
Shoulders: Enduring Dwarf Steel Shoulderpads of Might (Evendim blue, world drop)
Back: Wig-feld (Evendim blue, rare drop from Thaurlach in the Rift raid)
Chest: Sellsword's Hauberk (Evendim blue, LOTRO Store)
Feet: Brushed Leather Boots (Grey, skirm camp cosmetic vendor)

...and cosmetic weapons for the first time on this blog!

Weapons: Oflár's Spear (Angmar quest item) and Carved Black Ash Javelin of Precision (T5 Woodworker)
Shield: Shining Shield of Vigour (World drop)


  1. Oh yes, I absolutely know what you mean about having a feeling that certain colours suit this or that character. I think wanting my toons to have certain looks that matched my ideas about how they fit into Middle-earth was really how I first got started with oufitting.

    It's fun to think about. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. You're welcome! I realize now that it was a great way to break into outfitting. If you've got an idea on how to weave your character into this fictional and lavishly designed world and a color in mind, odds are you'll feel more invested in whatever ensemble you're designing. I know I do :)

  2. Aww, vintage Ciri! Fun to look back at how far we've come, huh? :)

    1. It most certainly is! I still remember your 'Rainbow of Elys' project from last year and us going crazy over that LM robe you got from Dar Narbugud. That robe dyed incredbily well :)


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