Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Riders of Rohan - Cosmetic Preview

Yes! *does a happy dance* The NDA has been lifted from the Riders of Rohan Beta! Which means...

It's time to unveil a sampling of the cosmetics (some shields included) from the RoR Expansion to whet your appetites! I spent a few dedicated days collecting the recipes for these sets. They do look lovely for the most part, though it seems some of the pieces have a black base for their color, which will make for some creative mixing and matching. Some pieces are also undyable, most likely due to missing codes. If it changes, that'll be when the expansion goes live. I hope you enjoy what's featured here! There will be no more chitchat from me...just an onslaught of pictures :D

Bear in mind that the names of the armor may not be set in stone just yet! I'll make notes if they do change...and I'll add more screenies if I have the chance to spend more time in the Beta :)

If you're interested in seeing some beautiful pics and outfits for the War-steeds, please check out Hymne's post on Cosmetic LOTRO!

Crafted Light Armor

Crafted Medium Armor

Crafted Heavy Armor

*A small note about this armor set--I didn't realize that the frontal and side views pictured a dyes chest piece. The back image features the true chest colors. Thank you to the person who noticed this!
Cloaks: Crafted and Rewarded

Light Shields

Warden Shields

Heavy Shields

Some Quest Rewards

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