Thursday, July 26, 2012

Farmers Faire 2012

As some of you have noticed logging in today, you received a new invitation notice. Guess what that means? It's festival time!!! That's right, LOTRO is having its first, and hopefully annual, Farmers Faire. Get yourself ready to eat, drink, and be merry like a Hobbit! Pies and produce gallore, running errands all over the Shire...and all for some nifty looking cosmetics! To make it easier to sort out the new goodies, I'll be breaking this down by category for you:


Like the Harvest Festival every passing autumn, the Farmers Faire features a selection of masks. This time around, we've got some wonderful animal themed pieces. Also, this festival is featuring a new hat and circlet for you...and I must say that I thought the Simbelmyne Circlet from the Spring Festival was bright and colorful! I may have just found a new favorite cosmetic piece <3

1) Farmer's Fancy Wide-brimmed Hat (45 Tokens)
2) Chicken Mask (55 Tokens)
3) Donkey Mask (55 Tokens)
4) Duckling Mask (55 Tokens)
5) Pig Mask (55 Tokens)
6) Sheep Mask (55 Tokens)
7) Circlet of Fresh Picked Flowers (35 Tokens)

Held Items & Gloves:

Looks like we've also got some neat looking held items this time. Of course, those of us goofballs will be running around, scolding each other with Cornstalks for the hidden emote deed. If you still have the Giant Flower from the previous festival, it's pretty funny to do that for the same emote deed! I wonder if that Lantern actually glows as you run around with it. Sadly, you'd never know from the Dressing Room window. The basket of eggs is adorable, to say the least : ) Oh yes, the gloves are pretty too!

1) Lantern (45 Tokens)
2) Basket of Colourful Eggs (45 Tokens)
3) Cornstalk (45 Tokens)
4) Gardening Gloves (35 Tokens)

Dresses, Tunics, & Cloaks...oh my!

In this first set, we have four items featured here. To the left is the Gardener's Apron (45 Tokens) with the Gardening Boots (35 Tokens). I normally would have included them seperately, but to conserve on empty space, I included them here. To the right, you have the Hooded Cloak of the Harvest (45 Tokens, innermost one) and the Hooded Farmer's Cloak (45 Tokens, outermost one). I thought it would be enjoyable this time to include the front and back views of the items featured in this category. Not too often do we see players running around Middle-Earth cloakless, as it seems capes and cloaks are typical to completed cosemtic ensembles. I'll admit that I'm guilty of that myself. But some of these look wonderful without one!

Last, but not least, we have this tunic and dress. To the left is the Farmer's Fancy Tunic and Trousers (45 Tokens), and to the right, the Farmer's Fancy Dress (45 Tokens). Both of these look gorgeous in their natural earthen tones and I love the wheat stalk embroidery. It makes me wish there was a corn maze to go with it! They dye fairly well from what I've seen in the Dressing Room, and I have a feeling these will be the most popular pieces displayed in the game world.

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