Thursday, July 26, 2012

Farmers Faire 2012

As some of you have noticed logging in today, you received a new invitation notice. Guess what that means? It's festival time!!! That's right, LOTRO is having its first, and hopefully annual, Farmers Faire. Get yourself ready to eat, drink, and be merry like a Hobbit! Pies and produce gallore, running errands all over the Shire...and all for some nifty looking cosmetics! To make it easier to sort out the new goodies, I'll be breaking this down by category for you:


Like the Harvest Festival every passing autumn, the Farmers Faire features a selection of masks. This time around, we've got some wonderful animal themed pieces. Also, this festival is featuring a new hat and circlet for you...and I must say that I thought the Simbelmyne Circlet from the Spring Festival was bright and colorful! I may have just found a new favorite cosmetic piece <3

1) Farmer's Fancy Wide-brimmed Hat (45 Tokens)
2) Chicken Mask (55 Tokens)
3) Donkey Mask (55 Tokens)
4) Duckling Mask (55 Tokens)
5) Pig Mask (55 Tokens)
6) Sheep Mask (55 Tokens)
7) Circlet of Fresh Picked Flowers (35 Tokens)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

House of Ladvarian

Yay! The first player home to be featured here! I'm not exactly sure how to devise a story or narration for a house, so I'll walk you through the impressions I had while poking around the rooms.

I was strolling around the Bree-land Homesteads when I came upon this house. It's open to the public for viewing and the decorations all have public permissions for use. For those of you who'd like to visit it, the address is 6 Long Street, Wethwall, Bree-land Homesteads. I was enticed by the atmosphere of this house. The moment you walk in, you are exposed to some powerful yet foreboding music. I believe the tune is the Snowy Peaks theme from the Lothlorien branch vendors.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Apparel Dummies - Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but life and leveling my hunter to 75 has temporarily prevented me from working on this blog. With some upcoming downtime, which will last until Rohan is released, I can spend more time posting here. I promise to bring some homesteads pictures in the near future! : D

Anyway, I logged on today only to notice these apparel dummies sitting in Michel Delving. Naturally, I though that each town might have different cosmetic sets to offer. I ported to at least seven or eight different areas to discover that the same four dummies at every location. I don't know if this is only a taste of what's to come from the LOTRO Store or if this is all they'll ever offer. But is it worth investing in these cosmetic bundles?

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