Cosmetic Weapons & Shields

Thank you for stopping by and browsing this page! After many years of playing, I've managed to amass a substantial collection of LOTRO's weapons. Originally, this was meant to be a space where I'd show off the fancier looking skins I was using. But with some goading, and a massive amount of encouragement, I expanded to covering weapons of all shapes and designs from plain and simple to fancy and embellished. And, by popular request, I added sections for shields as well. After a year and a half of work, I can say I'm done working on least when it comes to major updates.

For those of you who are striving to make the perfect (or near perfect) outfits, this may be of interest. Please keep in mind this is my personal collection, which covers most crafted, bartered, and looted items. This is not meant to be a complete collection of LOTRO's weapons, but most of them can be found here. If I've missed an item that shares an appearance found here, let me know in that post's comments. If I've missed a skin entirely, feel free to mention it in the comments, but I'll add those later at my discretion.

WARNING: This guide will no longer be accurate concerning LI skins. As of Oct 13, 2021, the LI revamp eliminates most of them from the game by removing almost all LI vendors, changing the loot tables, and removing crafting recipes. I no longer have the abundance of spare time I had in 2019 to maintain this section.

UPDATE - Version 2.0.2 (September 16, 2019)

- Now that the shields are done, comments have been reopened!

- Mordor and Ered Mithin skins have been added.

- War-axe of Khand has been updated from a two-handed to a one-handed appearance.

Things to note:

- Rune-stones, unfortunately, will not be included in this guide. The way they're held makes it impossible to take a clear picture.

Staves, Part 1
Staves, Part 2
Swords, Part 1
Swords, Part 2
Bows, Part 1
Bows, Part 2
Axes, Part 1
Axes, Part 2
Great Axes
Maces, Part 1
Maces, Part 2
Great Swords
Clubs, Part 1
Clubs, Part 2
Great Clubs, Part 1
Daggers, Part 1
Daggers, Part 2
Great Clubs, Part 2
Hammers, Part 1
Hammers, Part 2
Great Hammers, Part 1

Crossbows, Part 1
Crossbows, Part 2
Great Hammers, Part 2
Rune-keeper Satchels
Swords, Part 3
Staves, Part 3
Halberds, Part 2
Cosmetic Implements
Thrang's Weaponry
LOTRO Store Weapons Skins
-Reserved for future use-
-Reserved for future use-


The shields section will be handled differently from the weapons. In here, there will be duplicates listed between the categories. As to why? In the earlier days of LOTRO, many shields shared the same designs, but displayed different sizes. (For example, a Minstrel's shield and a Guardian's heavy shield use the same appearance, except that the Guardian's is twice as big.) I've also made a point of separating the crafted shields from the bartered, boss loot, and landscape drop shields.

And for convenience and size illustration, the same model and dressing room zoom factor is uniform throughout this section.
Light Shields, Part 1
Warden Shields, Part 1
Heavy Shields, Part 1
Light Shields, Part 2
Warden Shields, Part 2
Heavy Shields, Part 2
Cosmetic Shield Skins
"Back" Slot Cosmetic Shields

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