Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forgotten Darkness Kinship Cosmetic Contest

Hey there everybody! What a great way to kick off this cosmetic blog for LOTRO players with a kinship contest I had hosted! There were quite a few submissions from fellow kinsmen, for which I'm thankful. It excites me to know players that have an interest in fun and fashion : )

Anyway, this was a simple cosmetic contest--a best of three show. Submissions featured costumes that spanned a few themes, ranging from casual, to professional, to formal attire while utilizing gear from all three armor types. Everybody was allowed to submit up to three costumes, however I seperately judged and chose the best outfit from each player and counted it toward the contest.

I'll display the winners, followed by the honorable mentions, and then the alternate submissions of contributing players.

And I do apologize for the slight pixelation...for the time being, I only have MS Paint for editing : p


1st Place:  Oskamayer
2nd Place: Elyariel
3rd Place: Noobythemidget

Head: Thrill-Seeker's Helm (Washed, Rift barter item)
Cloak: Keen Cloak of Fate (Black, world drop)
Shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Might (Black, world drop?)
Chest: Lesser Breastplate of Dundolen (Sienna, Ost Dunhoth barter item)
Hands: Enduring Gloves of Vigour (Umber, world drop)
Legs: Arrow-Fletcher's Leggings (Black, Loth barter item)
Feet: Boots of the Westfold (Washed, Isen pre-order item)

Head: Extravagant Festival Cap (Yule Festival, olive dye)
Cloak: Cloak of the Silver Birch (Burgundy, LOTRO store)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse (Burgundy, Moria barter item)
Chest: Jacket of the Shade Finder (Burgundy, Quest item)
Hands: Tawarwaith Gloves of Knowledge (Olive, t6 crafted)
Legs: Golden Host Leggings of Awakening (Burgundy, t6 crafted)
Feet: Tawarwaith Shoes of Knowledge (Olive, t6 crafted)

Head: Tactical Helm Dye: Crimson)
Cloak: Singed Cloak (Dye: Black)
Shoulders: Burnished Warrior's Shoulder Guards (Dye: Black)
Chest: Armor of Fem (Dye: Black)
Hands: Wood-cutter's Gloves (Dye: Black)
Legs: Matti's Thick Winter Leggings (Dye: Black)
Feet: Boots of Fem (Dye: Black)

Honorable Mentions:

Cloak: Thaliongol (Ered luin blue, Malledhrim barter item)
Shoulders: Blademaster's Shoulders (Ered luin blue, Moria barter item)
Chest: Blademaster's Breastplate (Ered luin blue, Moria barter item)
Hands: Blademaster's Gauntlets (Ered luin blue, Moria barter item)
Legs: Blademaster's Leggings (Ered luin blue, Moria barter item)
Feet: Blademaster's Boots (Ered luin blue, Moria barter item)

Head: White Rose Circlet (Washed, Spring Festival)
Cloak: Fine Radiant Cloak (Crimson, t5 crafted)
Shoulders:  Superior Sellsword’s Shoulder Guards (Washed, t6 crafted)
Chest: Ulfar’s Robe (Evendim blue, Quest item)
Hands:  Superior Sellsword’s Gloves (Washed, t6 crafted)
Legs: Superior Sellsword’s  Leggings (Washed, t6 crafted)
Feet: Treated Elven Steel Shoes (Washed, world drop)

Alternate Submissions:

Head: Arastil's Helmet (Red, quest item)
Cloak: Cloak of Mordirith's Bane (Vol. 1 epic item)
Shoulders: Enduring Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads of Fleetness (Red, world drop)
Chest: Fighter's Ward (Red, GA drop item)
Hands: Restored Guardsman's Gauntlets (Red, Guardian barter item)
Legs: Steel Leggings (Red,  T3 crafted)
Feet: Boots of Fem (Red, quest item)

Head: Boar Festival Mask (Purple, Harvest Festival)
Cloak: Golden Tree Summer Cloak (Purple, Harvest Festival)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Swift Arrow (Purple, Mirkwood barter item)
Chest: High Herald's Armor (Purple, t6 crafted)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Swift Arrow (Purple, Moria barter item)
Legs: Starkmoor Caretaker's Leggings (Purple, quest item)
Feet: Hillman's Cracked Leather Boots (Purple, quest item)

Head: Dolen-Helm (Evendim blue, quest item)
Cloak: Wig-Feld (Grey, Ost Dunhoth drop)
Shoulders: High-Officer's Shoulders (Evendim blue, t6 crafted)
Chest: Ancient Inlaid Breastplate (Evendim blue, quest item)
Hands: Isengard Prisoner's Gloves (Evendim blue, epic quest item)
Feet: Isengard Prisoner's Boots (Evendim blue, epic quest item)

Head: Mask of Fleetness (Red, world drop)
Cloak: Wood-Wanderer's Cloak (Red, LOTRO store)
Shoulders: Pathfinder's Shoulder Guards (Red, quest item)
Chest: Jacket of the Shade-Finder (Red, quest item)
Hands: Gauntlets of Durin's Guard (Red, Moria barter item)
Legs: Unnecessary Gardener's Leggings (Red, quest item?)

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