Saturday, December 21, 2013

Curious Scholar - Faewynn of Gladden

Back in early 2011 I had assembled this outfit. It was noble, elegant, refined, intelligent...and the Robe of Leisure was 30% off due to a store coupon. Oh how I miss sales like that! There are still a few pieces that I haven't purchased from the store and I haven't seen any sales lately in the cosmetic department. The robe was, at one point, my most used item because of how dye friendly it was--and still is. I don't know how many outfits I used it in or how many times I changed the color, but nothing seemed to work very well. But, I finally settled on something that eventually was shelved and collected dust for about two years.

The level cap was 65 when I started playing LOTRO. It was difficult to find group content as I wasn't in a kinship at the time. Luckily, I had been able to join my first raid group, which ran the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu. I remember spending about three hours in there and then another two on Thaurlach, the balrog at the very end. I saw the Wig-feld drop and I rolled on it. Being a releatively new player, letting someone who could use it roll on it without any opposition from my LM wasn't on my mind. I wanted it because it was pretty. I annoyed a few people that night and wouldn't be surprised if I found myself on a few raiding blacklists.

The Shoulders of the Learned was the most aggravating piece to obtain. At that point, you could only barter for the level 50 version with either the Amulet of the Witch-king (which was removed from the game before I started playing) or a Sealed Writ of Helegrod. I could have waited until 65 to obtain the skirmish camp version, but I wanted the version that dyed. It took almost a month of repeating epic quests at the reflecting pool in Rivendell to obtain enough marks of triumph to purchase the writ. Now they're easily purchased with marks and medallions.

Sometimes, outfitting was truly and utterly painful before 2012...but it made the finished product all the sweeter.

Keep an eye out for a special blog post on December 24th at 9 AM EST. I asked for a holiday related cosmetic challenge in GLFF and I still can't quite believe what I was asked!

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Learned (Ered luin blue, Rivendell class vendor)**
Back: Wig-feld (Ered luin blue, Rift raid -- gold drop from Thaurlach)***
Chest: Robe of Leisure (Ered luin blue, LOTRO Store or lockbox)
Feet: Berserker's Boots (White, Ost Galadh champion class vendor)

**Can also be purchased as the ceremonial version from the skirm camp cosmetics vendor.
***The cloak is also available from the LOTRO Store or a lockbox.


  1. Lotro has made outfitting much easier, a change I am thankful for. Looking forward to your December 24th post. Sounds interesting. hehe

    Happy Holidays!

    1. It really has been streamlined the past year, especially due to the skirm camp additions and Lalia's Market. I'm still hoping the DN sets get the same treatment as the OD and BG sets someday. : )

      Happy Holidays to you as well, Devonna!


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