Saturday, April 19, 2014

Woodland Sentinel - Morghann of Gladden

Have I ever been a major stickler for the lore? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. When it comes to dressing up my characters, I've never adhered to it. Your character doesn't need to be an elf to wear something elvish nor a dwarf for something dwarvish. Sometimes it's about your character's background. Sometimes it looks too good to pass up! If you're like me, sometimes you'll get sick of using the same model for specific colorings and stylings. For some reason, my cappy always wears something in indigo, violet, or purple that's suitable for the race of Man. I've decided to shake up the status quo and throw on something green and elvish. *GASP*

Let it be said, however, that I have the utmost respect for those outfitters who willingly and consistently remain within the confines of the lore.

In actuality, this is a very versatile outfit for both men and elves. I've actually modeled this on other character of mine through the wardrobe. If anything, the bulkier males may encounter clipping with the shoulders. This is one topic I would have loved to explore here on this blog. Generally, I stick to one character per entry to consistently showcase a particular ensemble. I've been thinking it's a good idea for a future post to display a male and female elf or a man and woman together in the same cosmetics...kind of like a "His & Hers" post.

I'm fairly certain I've said it before and I'm going to say it again--having the high res client for LOTRO has almost doubled the cosmetic possibilities. The chest and leg skins featured here used to be insanely blurred, even on ultra high settings. So blurred, in fact, that these looked generic and unsuitable for anything outside combat gear. Now that I'm able to see the textures, I've fallen in love with them. It's even better that I can consistently run about the landscape on ultra high without incurring any lag. This has given me the ability to observe animations in greater detail and more easily determine how well the various pieces in an outfit jive with each other.

Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Seven Stars (Rivendell green, cosmetic skirm camp vendor, Annúminas)
Back: Trimmed Cloak (Rivendell green, random drop from the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu raid)*
Chest: Soft-walker's Jacket (Rivendell green, Moria medium armor medallion vendor)**
Legs: Leggings of the Quiet Step (Rivendell green, Moria medium armor medallion vendor)**
Hands: Footman's Gloves (Rivendell green, T6 tailor recipe)
Feet: Elven Campaigner's Boots (Rivendell green, T5 tailor recipe)

*Similar skins might be found on the AH. Many of the leftover cloaks from U11's instances used this skin.
**You can also purchase the same skins from the cosmetics vendor in the skirmish camp for marks and medallions. However, for those who have a surplus of Moria Medallions or a low supply of skirmish currencies, you can get these at the medium armor vendor in the Shadowed Refuge for 3 or 4 Moria Medallions each. It's a great alternative to spending your marks/meds! Keep in mind the vendor versions are bound to character and the skirm camp versions are bound to account.

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