Saturday, November 22, 2014

Studded Ranger - Aerthain of Gladden

Here's that particular outfit I mentioned last week, the one that somewhat resembles one of Hymne's previous outfits, The Passing of the Grey Company. It's a rare sight having an earthen-toned outfit featured on this blog, let alone a Ranger one. This would be my first Ranger-themed creation. I usually find them a little overdone, especially after seeing multiple blog posts over the years and an inordinate amount of hunters wearing the Ranger or Grey Company sets from the epic books. They were a dime a dozen and I'm not fond of looking like everybody else (just like with those undyeable pre-order cosmetic sets). However, the Medium Nadhin Jacket gave me the opportunity to make something that I felt would stand out of that particular crowd.

I seldom pass up inspiration and this Medium Nadhin Jacket was too good to ignore. Because I didn't own Western Gondor at the time of this outfit's creation, I couldn't barter for these. I would have loved to use more medium Nadhin pieces, the gloves in particular, but having to rely on the auction house or random drops kept me from collecting them. So I improvised and attempted to adhere to the style and theme of the jacket. I scrounged and scrounged for anything with studs in them. It took two days of finding alts that skipped certain quests in Dunland to get the boots. It took another by running Carn Dum and Urugarth repeatedly on high level characters until appropriate gloves dropped. Luckily the shoulders were already in my wardrobe.

Sometimes, I swear blood, tears, and sweat go into these outfits...

Once again, I've ever so desperately avoided the ranger green dye. I've used it once to compliment an undyeable trim on a dress, but I've never used it as the central color to an outfit. It's too earthy of a yellow for my tastes. Instead, I used gold. Normally, it's a bright color, but the the jacket had a slightly muted base that muddied the color and provided that special earthy tone this needed.

Shoulders: Combat Pauldrons of √Čomer (Umber, T8 Tailor recipe, guilded or bartered)
Chest: Medium Nadhin Jacket (Gold, Dol Amroth medium armor vendor or post-50 world drop)
Hands: Gleaming Gauntlets of Might (Walnut brown, pre-65 world drop)
Feet: Scout's Weathered Leather Boots (Walnut brown, Dunland quest reward)**

**Skin also available at Lalia's Market at time of posting.


  1. Your effort really paid off. Well done :) I love the gloves you chose. Really makes this unique.

    1. Thank you, Devonna! I think those gloves are what unified the outfit with the inherent brown and gold tones. I would have saved myself a ton of work if I hadn't trashed them early this year when I cleared out my vaults :)

  2. He looks like Sean Bean, lol. Fantastic work! my own ranger-themed character needed a new lore-appropriate getup, you provided just the thing.

    1. Thank you! It's difficult reinterpreting a theme so overdone and it's been on my bucket list since the early days of this blog. If I have time, I'll try to get another Ranger outfit posted. :)


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