Saturday, January 10, 2015

Highwayman - Cirilyn of Gladden

I can safely say that I'm finally hitting the bottom of the proverbial bucket. Trying to stay original with my outfits, I've decided to give the crafted light armor robe, the Supple Wildermore Robe of Insight, a try. I've been reluctant to use it for well over a year because it isn't very form-fitting and it clips with a multitude of skins in the forearm, foot, and shoulder regions regardless of race and gender. If this robe must be used cosmetically, I'd recommend using either very short/thin or bulky gear as accompanying pieces. Gloves that stop at wrist and shoes work best. As far as I know, only Hymne has been successful in using it. Check out her post from September of 2013!

Originally, I was going to use this outfit on my Rune-keeper and name it Thunder-caller. I spent a few days trying to capture this outfit in Rohan's rainy weather when bright violet lightning would streak the sky. If by some chance I did capture the lightning and a pose in the same screenshot, the lighting was just horrific. I decided to trash the concept and move this ensemble to another toon under a new idea. It ended up working better this way, for which I am grateful. Now I had an outfit for a Highwayman (or Highwaywoman in these pictures), someone who would travel Middle-earth's lonely roads and ambush creatures of foul races or evil factions.

Believe it or not, this robe dyes exceptionally well. Even though I didn't change its color when I relocated this outfit, olive and navy dyes look lovely with the robe. I think this is something that can be recolored to match almost every region.

Head: Embroidered Hood of the Dunland Healer (Sienna, Dunland quest reward)
Shoulders: Disused Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (White, Dunland quest reward)
Chest: Supple Wildermore Robe of Insight (Violet, T8 Tailor recipe - guilded or Wildermore reputation recipe)
Hands: Ceremonial Gloves of the Elder Days (Walnut brown, skirm camp cosmetics vendor - light Rift armor)
Feet: Boots of the Erebor Thunder-caller (White, skirm camp light armor vendor - Rune-keeper Erebor armor)


  1. Besides being a nice outfit, your photo setups are fantastic! Well done...

    1. Thank you! Photo sessions are often long and drawn out, sometimes resulting in over 200 pictures to sort through for specific poses and animations. Somehow, I manage to narrow them down to six every week :)


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