Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tempered Pathfinder

Every now and then, I like to take a break from making those fancy, overly detailed, and sometimes complicated outfits. Much of LOTRO's gear is covered in large emblems, swirls, leaves, golden trims and accents, and intricate patterns. There is nothing more aggravating for me that having to coordinate racial motifs or making sure that high decorative skins can refer to each other. This week, I'll be sharing an outfit on the simpler side, one with armor skins that have a simple design and dye almost entirely one color. If anything, I used the studs on these pieces as a unifying motif.

The Forged-iron Dunlending Hauberk is one of my favorite skins from the Rise of Isengard expansion. Even though it's a hauberk by name, it's more of a buckled coat. On males, this skin will be ankle-length and the studs lining it will be more pronounced. On females, should you chose to wear this on one, it will be knee-length and the studs less pronounced. As far as I know, this hauberk can only be obtained from Dunland landscape quests. I've never seen it drop in the instance cluster of the RoI expansion. Luckily, Devonna from LOTRO Stylist compiled A Cosmetic Guide to the ROI Quest Rewards in December of 2011 informing players where these skins can be obtained. Keep in mind that this guide covers only quest rewards.

Also, this is the first time I've used the Tattered Cloak, which can only be found in lootboxes or the AH listings. It's relatively inexpensive, provided someone lists it and doesn't throw it away, and often seems unremarkable. I think it adds character to this outfit, being not only torn from age or extensive traveling but from being one of the few half-length cloaks in the game.

Shoulders: Combat Pauldrons of Eomer (Rivendell green, T8 Tailor recipe)
Back: Tattered Cloak (Dark green, random lootbox reward)
Chest: Forged-iron Dunlending Hauberk (Black, Dunland quest reward)**
Hands: Skirmish Gauntlets of the Mark (Grey, T8 Tailor recipe)
Feet: Skirmish Boots of the Mark (White, T8 Tailor recipe)

Main-hand weapon: Calendard War Sword (T7 Weaponsmith recipe)
Off-hand weapon: Club of the Rider (T7 Woodworker recipe)
Ranged: Westfold Bow (T7 Woodworker recipe)

**Multiple Dunland quests reward the player with this skin.


  1. Looks good, and I love this chest piece!

    1. Thank you! I'm soooooo sorry it took months to reply. I put my blog on hold, completely forgot about it, and decided to focus on building my LOTRO characters for endgame.


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