Saturday, July 1, 2017

Indomitable Spirit

This year's 10th Anniversary Festival and subsequent Scavenger Hunt has produced some amazing rewards this year. My biggest concern this year was the distinct lack of quests that reward Anniversary tokens, especially if you didn't devote approximately ten hours to spamming the intermediate option for the Thorin's Hall Beer Brawl. And the lack of the Inn League and Ale Association token vendors made everything feel ten time more expensive than it needed to be. The anniversary festival had some amazing rewards, but, if you're like me, you don't have a ton of time to grind for rewards. Of everything offered, I set my sights upon the Unflagging Dragon cosmetic set, which is the focus of this outfit.

For about a month after the festival itself ended, many of the Jane and John Does of Middle-earth wore that cosmetic set. I wanted to make mine stand out...and accessible to all other players. Luckily, no raiding is required and the only currency that may give a lower level player trouble is medallions. I opted for a mix of sharper pieces from the skirmish camps and Draigoch gear from Galtrev to stick with a dragon theme. It took mixing and matching, as well a few days of trying different looks and colors, but I settled on this one. White brought out all of the delightful shades of gold and brown as well as a hard to see pattern on the breastplate/robe.

If you missed the Anniversary Festival and subsequent events, you'll be unable to collect the Unflagging Dragon set. Also, the Scavenger Hunt event, which runs until I believe July 14, 2017, rewards tokens in addition to the alternative blue/silver set, the Armor of the Reminiscing Dragon. Personally, I like the blue one better! All you have to do is complete one card from each year at the Party Tree in the Shire and the deed will reward you with it and the complementing steed. Make sure that you move it from your pending loot if auto-loot isn't toggled!

And if you're just returning, there is a wonderful guide at the Department of Strategery (I've linked the Scavenger Hunt tag here) that will help you speed up the process to get the Reminiscing Dragon set. And, if you're strapped on time or don't have a large pool of friends to help, I suggest doing all of the Tales quests. It's recommended that you have a level 100+ character that can access North Ithilien and the Dead Marshes.

Head: Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word (White, skirm camp cosmetics vendor - Moria light armor)
Shoulders: Epaulets of the Relentless Fighter (Sienna, Adventurer's Quartermaster in Galtrev)**
Back: Cloak of the Unflagging Dragon (Sienna, Anniversary Festival barter reward)
Chest: Breastplate of the Unflagging Dragon (White, Anniversary Festival barter reward)
Hands: Spellweaver's Bracers (Umber, Adventurer's Quartermaster in Galtrev)***
Feet: Boots of the Impossible Shot (Umber, Adventurer's Quartermaster in Galtrev)****

Main-hand: Golden Host Staff of Warding (T6 Woodworker recipe -- Malledhrim rep)
Off-hand: Blade of Unity (Volume 2 Book 7 Chapter 3 reward)

**Any of the heavy class armor from the Adventurer's Quartermaster shares this shoulder skin.
***Any of the light class armor from the Adventurer's Quartermaster shares this bracer skin.
****Any of the medium class armor from the Adventurer's Quartermaster shares this boot skin.


And because I have no male characters scheduled in outfits anytime soon (the ones I'm currently leveling/outfitting are female), I've included a little extra today. Here's a quick image of how a male character could fill out this outfit in comparison to a female. They may not both be elves, but this is to provide a general idea!


  1. I threw away the whole set because to me it looked unflattering on any char... but all I needed was high boots :D I really like how this boot shape makes the legs look right instead of warped. Plus the white, gold and brown mesh well together, well done! :)

    1. I'll agree with you there. The set itself wasn't the most appealing to look at, but some pieces certainly looked better than others. I think combining with skins outside the Unflagging Dragon set is what brings those festival cosmetics to life.


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