Saturday, August 5, 2017


With the release of Mordor on Wednesday, Aug 2, I considered uploading some of the combat outfits I would be taking through the Morannon. However, a lack of time for taking and editing screenshots combined with heavy questing and exploration prevented me from doing that. As much as I wanted to show my newest creations, I decided to keep my scheduled outfits as they were. As a result, my Beorning has taken the spotlight with another tribal-themed outfit.

Spending so much time on my Beorning in recent months has prompted me to use cosmetic skins that I wouldn't use under normal circumstances. Playing this particular character, I've been drawn to dark colors, furs, leather...anything that practically cries wilderness or can be interpreted as such. When I looked at the Jacket of Anorien Mercy, the central piece of this outfit, I didn't see something Gondorian. Rather, I saw clothing akin to the Corsairs of Umbar or the people of Dunland. Despite the jacket's cosmetic flaws (the character's deformed right knee in the picture above and to the right), I adapted it to my Beorning, who seems to endlessly roam the untamed lands of Middle-earth.

And that's another unusual outfit crossed off my list. My Beorning still has several more to model, which were delayed by my hardware failure late last year. Also, if I can pry myself away Mordor long enough, I may have something special to share in a couple of weeks.

Head: Worn Hood (Grey, Beorning intro)**
Shoulders: Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons (Grey, Tailor T7 recipe)
Chest: Jacket of Anorien Mercy (Burgundy, Vol. 4 Book 4 - A Long Siege)
Hands: Skirmish Gauntlets of the Mark (Burgundy, Tailor T8 recipe)
Feet: Dunbog Watcher's Studded Boots (Burgundy, Dunland quest reward)***

**For male characters, Radagast's Hood from the Beorning intro shares this skin.
***Also shares the same skin with the Hillman's Cracked Leather Boots and the Scorched Ox-hide Boots


  1. She looks fierce! Very fitting look for Beorns, the burgundy goes well with the short robe, and the whole look matches the landscape nicely, well done :)

    1. Thanks, Gloredh! I'm glad that outfit gave me a reason to visit the Burnt Tor again. It really does suit that small space in Eregion!

  2. Oh wow, Nath, I absolutely love this! The shoulders and boots match perfectly, and compliment the burgundy beautifully. Well done as always :)

    1. Thanks, Makaia! I was a bit iffy on the boots, but there wasn't much that fit with everything else. It's definitely one of my odd creations that worked out very well :)

  3. Lol my hobbit hunter had been dating this almost as soon as minas came out.
    Now i see everybody wearing it! 😂

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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