Saturday, February 3, 2018

Silvan Elegance

I was SO FREAKING EXCITED when the Replica of Elor dropped from one of my Gorgoroth Lootboxes back in late October with a daily key. I screamed. I danced. I cheered. I made everyone where I live panic moments after it appeared in my inventory. (Of course, it didn't take long for it to be added to the Vendor of Rare Oddities in Magh Ashtu and take away from it's specialness.) I've been eyeing this unique two-handed sword skin since I discovered it with ItemTreasury, a database mining LOTRO plugin, back in 2015. So many unused weapon skins exist in there...especially staves! Anyway, before I start drooling over unique weapons again, this outfit was made specifically to compliment the sleek and elegant Elor.

Oh yes, meet my High Elf Captain, Gwaimallin. She'll be the focus of multiple outfits for the next several months, each with unique weapons skins to match her attire.

Elor, being an elven blade by design, was very easy to pair with gear skins. And by easy, I mean a whole ten minutes. I had most of the pieces already in mind, except for the boots. I was juggling between violet and purple for my colors. Violet would have been great for a subdued look, but Elor, with its pale gem, would blend in too well and get lost in the mix. Purple, however, provided a greater, bolder contrast that enhanced the warm golden accents of the outfit and made the sword stand out more.

Seeing all of these weapon and shield skins return to LOTRO has been amazing. They've reignited my passion for outfitting. I never thought I'd see the level 65 T2C Ost Dunhoth shields again from the Gorgoroth boxes. Nor did I expect to see the Replica of Baingrist return. If only some of those level 58 and lower First Age weapon skins, which aren't obtainable, were added to vendors...I'd be set for a very long time.

Head: Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word (Purple, skirm camp cosmetics vendor - Moria light armor)
Shoulders: Songmaster's Shoulders (Purple, Minstrel class vendor in Ost Galadh)
Chest: Elven Campaigner's Armor (Purple, T5 Tailor recipe)
Legs: Elven Campaigner's Leggings (Purple, T5 Tailor recipe)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Lady's Power (Purple, Champion class trainer in Caras Galadhon)**
Feet: Songmaster's Boots (Purple, Minstrel class vendor in Ost Galadh)

Main-hand weapon: Replica of Elor (Gorgoroth Lootbox or Traveller's Quartermaster in Bree-town, Galtrev, or the 21st Hall)

**The Ceremonial Gauntlets of the Quiet Step from the skirm camp cosmetics vendor is a great alternative, though the golden accents will be a tad lighter.

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