Saturday, March 3, 2018

Silver Dawn

This outfit brought me back to 2011, when my Lore-master was capped at level 65. I had forgotten that this character once wore this. If it weren't for an old, low-quality picture found on my external hard drive, it would have never occurred to revive and update this set. With the new dyes and addition of cosmetic weapons, I was able to make it look more complete. This was one of my LM's first cosmetic sets. One that I had taken quite seriously, as I had to be a hardcore raider back then just for the weekly 1-in-12 chance at the elf-stone needed for the robe. Nowadays, DN can be soloed on some classes. Duoed on most, due to mechanics in the final fight.

Despite the joy and excitement I remember putting this together, with my current standards for outfitting, I felt embarrassed looking at the original. The colors choices were questionable. (Of course, this was back before I'd started this blog. Also before I started hunting down recipes instead of buying the cheapest dyes on the AH.) The shoulders, cloak, and circlet were originally dyed turquoise in an attempt to match the blue scattered throughout the robe. It was one of the most impossible colors to duplicate in LOTRO's clothing before introducing it in 2016 as a festival dye. That color is now known as belegaer blue. It's certainly made incorporating the Dâr Narbugud raid gear into outfits much easier! And it made quite the difference when updating my LM's clothing!

It was fun dusting off another long-forgotten creation and revitalizing it. I gave serious thought to bringing back more outfits from the Mirkwood and Moria days, but it seems I've actually used them all within the last year or two. I've also considered freshening up some of the early blog ones, but I'll most likely leave those alone. After all, there's still plenty of upcoming content!

Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet (Belegaer blue, LOTRO Store)**
Shoulders: Songmaster's Shoulders (Belegaer blue, Minstrel class vendor in Ost Galadh)
Back: Cloak of the Mallorn (Belegaer blue, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Robe of the Lady's Wisdom (White, Lore-master class vendor in Caras Galadhon)
Hands: Rock-climber's Gloves (White, T6 Tailor recipe)
Feet: Rock-climber's Shoes (White, T6 Tailor recipe)

Main-hand weapon: Staff of the Master (Raid: Storvâgûn the Traitor selectable reward)
Off-hand weapon: Blade of Unity (Vol 2, Book 7, Chapter 3 selectable reward)

**Unlike the Summer Festival reward, only the LOTRO Store version is dyeable.

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  1. The Dol Amroth quartermaster for lore-master armour has a piece of head gear called the Circlet of the Night Watcher. This has the same appearance as the Turquoise Summer Circlet and can be dyed.


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