Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gladden Server Fashion Event

Greetings, readers, fashionistas, and cosmetic bloggers! I've come here today to tell you of the upcoming server event Rippling Manes and Tailfeathers, hosted by Rangers of the West, in honor of the upcoming expansion release. Ely of Pony Lovers Anonymous and myself have been given the honor of being the judges for the fabulous fashion contest. Join us on the Gladden server if you can for an afternoon of fun!

Here's the description featured on the LOTRO forums:

"So, are you ready to blow off some steam and strut your stuff? 
Sunday, October 14, at 3 p.m. server time (EST), the Rangers of the West will lead a Rohan Charge through Breeland to the Shire's Methel Stage. Be sure to wear your purtiest duds, because once there, we'll have a judged fashion show with prizes for the most stylish of Men, Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits. 
We'll meet up at Bree's west gate. Bring your showiest pony, and wear your flashiest fashions. (No stealing the frocks off the mannequins of Middle Earth, btw, that would be cheating.  )
Our judges will be looking for winners in the following categories:
1. Best use of color and integration
2. Rohan Style-best coordination between rider and mount.
3. In addition, we will be having an audience judged category - Crowd Pleaser. So be sure to practice your moves, and bring your posse along. 
Prizes for the judged categories are as follows (Courtesy of Nathrien, we have enriched the prize packages. Thank you, Nathrien!): 
3rd place: 2 gold, 1 dye of choice (stack of 3) and 5 level appropriate hope tokens.
2nd place: 3 gold, and 2 dyes of choice (stack of 3), and 5 level appropriate hope tokens.
1st place: 4 gold, and 3 dyes of choice (stack of 3) and 5 level appropriate hope tokens.
If you know what category you'd like to enter in, please feel free to pre-register in this thread, or mail LilyRose in game.
We'll be looking for volunteers to help with entertainment and such, so look for further announcements, or contact LilyRose in game.
Come run for Rohan, with the Rangers of the West!
Forth, Eorlingas!!!"

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